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The number of hours worked is recorded in Cell D7. Hourly rate is recorded in Cell E7. Overtime hours occur anytime the number of hours worked is greater than 40. Which formula correctly determines how many (if any) overtime hours have occurred?
a) A. =IF(D7 less than sign 40),1.5*E7
b) B. =IF(D7 Greater than sign 40, D7-40)
c) C. =MAX(D1:D7)*1.5
d) D. =OVERTIME(D7*E7)

Which component of a chart describes what is contained within the chart?
a) A. Chart Gridlines
b) B. Chart Title
c) C. Chart Shape
d) D. Chart Color

Which of the following two formatting features are applied to $5,698.87?
a) A. Currency and two decimal places
b) B. Numbers and text
c) C. Currency and underline
d) D. Large font size and bold

What type of chart uses the height of a bar to represent a value?
a) A. Column
b) B. Line
c) C. Pie
d) D. Scattergram

On most charts, what is the horizontal (bottom) edge of the plot area called?
a) A. A axis
b) B. X axis
c) C. Y axis
d) D. Z axis

What function should a sales manager use to indicate whether a salesperson met the goal of $6,000 sales this month?
a) A. Count
b) B. CountA
c) C. Fill Series
d) D. If

Which type of chart displays bars side by side?
a) A. Column
b) B. Line
c) C. Pie
d) D. Pictogram

Data presented in a spreadsheet can be easily understood by using what?
a) A. Database
b) B. Chart
c) C. Letter
d) D. Symbol

Which function can a credit card company use to determine the time that has elapsed since a customer's payment was received?
a) A. Count
b) B. CountA
c) C. Days360
d) D. Now

Which function can an accounting department use in Cell A2 that will result in the current date?
a) A. Count
b) B. CountA
c) C. Days360
d) D. Now

Mrs. Jay uses a spreadsheet to keep track of student test scores and daily grades. Which function should she use to calculate a final grade for each student?
a) A. Average
b) B. Count
c) C. If
d) D. Sum

Jaylen uses a spreadsheet to maintain inventory at his store and wants to use a formula that will automatically reorder items when they reach a certain quantity. Which function should he use?
a) A. If
b) B. LookUp
c) C. Max
d) D. Min

A spreadsheet is created with drop down items that a user can select from. This is an example of which function?
a) A. Count
b) B. Fill series
c) C. List
d) D. Lookup

Which chart will BEST represent a comparison of the average family income in three states, with emphasis on the states?
a) A. Column
b) B. Line
c) C. Pie
d) D. XY scatter

If Jake wants to study the relationship between the daily temperature and the amount of fruit sold during a week, what kind of chart should he use?
a) Line
b) B. Pie
c) C. Stacked bar
d) D. XY scatter

Which chart will BEST represent the percentage of expenses for office supplies, salaries, and travel for a company's total budget?
a) A. Line
b) B. Pie
c) C. Stacked bar
d) D. XY scatter

What operation will Eve use to keep rows and columns visible so that they don't scroll off the screen as she moves around the worksheet?
a) A. Embed
b) B. Fill series
c) C. Freeze
d) D. Link

What is the BEST way to resolve repeated pound signs in a formula's result?
a) A. Delete the formula and key the answer
b) B. Delete the formula and rekey it
c) C. Shorten the formula so it fits
d) D. Widen the column

Repeated pound signs in a spreadsheet cell indicate what?
a) A. Column width too narrow
b) B. Column width too wide
c) C. Row height too narrow
d) D. Row height too wide

What are the three most common types of charts used to illustrate spreadsheet data?
a) A. Bar/column, line, and pie
b) B. Bar, line, and scattergram
c) C. Line, pie, and area
d) D. Pie, scattergram, and stacked bar

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