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What did the English people have to do to get into public school?
a) eat
b) pay money
c) cut hair
d) play games

What year was Jews free schools created?
a) 2014
b) 1817
c) 1893
d) 1971

What did girls do after they got married?
a) dropped out of school
b) stayed in school
c) became a teacher
d) had kids

in 1780 who taught children to read?
a) teachers
b) Robert Raikes
c) John Pounds
d) Pewdiepie

The system was replaced by properly trained pupil-teachers in what year?
a) 1846
b) 1870
c) 1895
d) 1863

The idea of apprenticeship was what?
a) cute
b) fun
c) admirable
d) funny

Public schools were more private than what?
a) ragged schools
b) jews free school
c) public school
d) church school

they had 90 schools in what year?
a) 1845
b) 1789
c) 1890
d) 1843

Why did they teach children to read from the bible
a) they wanted them to be religious
b) they wanted them to be good
c) it was the most easily available book
d) they were bad

Was it law for children to attend school
a) yes
b) no
c) not a choice

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