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Plants help maintain atmosphere quality by
a) making holes in the ozone layer
b) causing global warming
c) storing oxygen
d) storing carbon dioxide

The destruction or removal of species from their habitats is known as
a) deforestation
b) pollution
c) direct harvesting
d) depletion

Which of the following will lower the use of nonrenewable resources?
a) metal, wood, fur
b) metal, glass, paper
c) clothing, makeup, glass
d) fur, wood, paper

Which group contains greenhouse gases?
a) carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor
b) water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrogen
c) oxygen, methane, water vapor
d) nitrogen, oxygen, methane

The number of individuals that can be supported in an area is called
a) energy flow
b) carrying capacity
c) direct harvesting
d) deforestation

Which of these resources is renewable?
a) Wood
b) Coal
c) Natural Gas
d) Oil

Gypsy moths were accidentally introduced into North America. The most probable reason these insects have become serious pests is that they
a) are protected by environmental laws
b) were bred by research scientists and are resistant to all pesticides
c) are affected by natural controls and feed on plants
d) have few natural enemies and reproduce successfully

The decline and extinction of many predatory animal species is most probably the result of
a) an overabundance of prey species
b) the introduction of a new species of animal into the area
c) the disruption of natural food chains
d) the decreased use of chemical pesticides

Some modern agricultural methods have created serious insect problems because these methods
a) increase soil loss
b) provide concentrated areas of food for insects
c) aid in the absorption of water
d) grow crops in areas where formerly only insects could live

Japanese beetles, a major insect pest in the US, do little damage in Japan because they
a) are kept in check by natural enemies
b) are kept in check by pesticide sprays
c) hibernate during the winter
d) have adapted to the environment

Which action that humans have taken in attempting to solve an ecological problem has had the most negative effect?
a) seeking better means of birth control in the human population
b) applying scientific farming techniques to oceans
c) producing stronger and more effective pesticides
d) developing new techniques for the disposal of sewage

Today's lifestyles have led to increased demands for disposable products. The packaging of these products has caused problems with
a) solid waste disposal
b) food web contamination
c) atmospheric depletion
d) use of nuclear fuels

An insecticide stays in the fat of animals and is transferred through food chains. Its concentration increases through the food chain. Which organism would have the most insecticide?
a) rabbit (herbivore)
b) corn (producer)
c) field mouse (consumer)
d) owl ( predator)

The survival of many plants and animals has been aided most by
a) increasing the height of industrial smokestacks to spread air pollutants away from the immediate area
b) reduction in the number of restrictive pollution control laws
c) heavy use of pesticides to kill all of the insect pests that compete with humans for food sources
d) development of research aimed toward the preservation of endangered species

A desired outcome derived from an understanding of ecology would be
a) the elimination of most predatory species
b) an increase in world human population
c) a decrease in disruptions of existing wildlife habitats
d) an increase in the amount of industrialization

For every environmental problem, people must assess the costs and benefits. These are called
a) trade offs
b) arguments
c) resources
d) choices

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, humans should
a) use more electricity
b) throw out more garbage
c) drive more
d) carpool

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