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build up of sediment where a river flows into a larger body of water such as an ocean or lake
a) delta
b) allluvial fan
c) meander
d) stalactite

a looplike bend in the course of a river
a) delta
b) alluvial fan
c) meander
d) waterfall

the high ground between two drainage basins
a) divide
b) flood plain
c) groundwater
d) alluvial fan

A stream that flows into a larger stream.
a) drainage basin
b) tributary
c) flood plain
d) divide

tiny grooves in the soil
a) gullies
b) stream
c) rivers
d) rills

All the water that moves over Earth's surface
a) runoff
b) rain
c) gravity
d) meander

Rapid downhill movement of a mixture of water, rock, and soil.
a) creep
b) slump
c) mudflow
d) landslide

Which of the following is not mass movement
a) slump
b) creep
c) landslide
d) waterslide

The very slow downhill movement of rock and soil
a) creep
b) slump
c) landslide
d) mudflow

The force that pulls rock and soil down slopes
a) wind
b) gravity
c) water
d) humans

When the agents of erosion lay down sediment
a) erosion
b) slope
c) deposition
d) gravity

Material moved by erosion
a) sediment
b) gravity
c) wind
d) slope

a deposit that hangs like an icicle from a roof of a cave
a) stalagmite
b) stalactite
c) delta
d) alluvial fan

A meander that has been cut off from the river
a) delta
b) alluvial fan
c) oxbow lake
d) flood plain

flat, wide area of land along a river
a) meander
b) flood plain
c) delta
d) alluvial fan

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