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Who founded Sunday school in 1780?
a) John Pounds
b) Robert Raikes
c) Quintin Hogg
d) none of the above

By 1861 they taught...
a) drunks, abusive and convocts
b) deserted orphans and poor children
c) all of the above
d) not a choice

They taught them for about...
a) 3 years
b) 5 years
c) seven years
d) nine years

Winchester College was the earliest founded in...
a) 1592
b) 1382
c) 1494
d) 1620

What was more important to upper class women?
a) education
b) look beautiful
c) cooking and cleaning
d) both B and C

What college was founded in 1440?
a) Winchester College
b) St. Mary
c) London Polytechnic
d) none of the above

What should upper class women know how to do?
a) entertain
b) sing
c) play piano
d) all of the above

Who set up the Doss House for homeless boys?
a) Robert Raikes
b) John Pounds
c) Quintin Hogg
d) None of the above

Why did they teach them to read the bible?
a) really only book easily available
b) very religious
c) wanted everyone to believe in God
d) none of the above

By 1870, how many ragged schools were there in London?
a) 250
b) 325
c) 163
d) 547

Did teachers box their ears or whack their knuckles for punishment?
a) true
b) false
c) not a choice
d) not a choice

What three things did they usually teach in school?
a) math
b) 3 R's
c) Science
d) Social Studies

What did they use in school?
a) a small black piece of slate
b) a rag or sponge
c) an ink well and paper
d) all of the above

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