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Which of these is most likely to experience oxidation?
a) tennis ball
b) aluminum can
c) wooden fence
d) bicycle rubber tire

Small rocks weather more quickly than large rocks because their surface area is
a) thinner.
b) smaller.
c) larger.
d) thicker.

Soil quality based on the relative size of soil particles is called
a) soil texture
b) soil particles.
c) soil structure.
d) residual soil.

Which soil horizon contains humus?
a) A-Horizon
b) B-Horizon
c) C-Horizon
d) E-horizon

What is the organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals called?
a) humus
b) residual soil
c) bedrock
d) parent rock

What is the arrangement of soil particles called?
a) soil texture
b) soil structure
c) infiltration
d) soil particles

Soil that has a pH of 9 would be considered
a) neutral.
b) abrasive.
c) acidic.
d) basic.

What is it called when you plow across the slope of hills?
a) no-till farming
b) terracing
c) contour plowing
d) crop rotation

The process of changing one steep field into a series of smaller, flatter fields is called
a) crop rotation.
b) cover crops.
c) contour plowing.
d) terracing.

The practice of leaving old stalks to provide cover from rain in order to reduce water runoff and soil erosion is called
a) terracing.
b) no-till farming.
c) cover crops.
d) contour plowing.

What is it called when a farmer plants different crops in order to use less nutrients or different nutrients from the soil?
a) terracing
b) cover crops
c) crop rotation
d) contour plowing

Ice, wind, water, gravity, plants, and animals are all agents of
a) mechanical weathering.
b) differential weathering.
c) oxidation.
d) chemical.

The removal of substances that can be dissolved from rock or layers of soil due to the passing of water is called
a) weathering.
b) erosion.
c) infiltration.
d) leaching.

Which soil conservation technique prevents erosion on steep hills by heavy rains?
a) contour plowing
b) terracing
c) cover crop
d) no-till farming

What is it called when farmers plant different crops because they will use different soil nutrients?
a) crop rotation
b) root cropping
c) crop contouring
d) cover cropping

A method to maintain the fertility of the soil by protecting the soil from erosion and nutrient loss
a) soil conservation
b) humus
c) bedrock
d) erosion

The layer of rock beneath the soil
a) soil structure
b) bedrock
c) parent rock
d) soil texture

The E horizon is typically found
a) beneath the A horizon
b) above the O horizon.
c) beneath the B horizon.
d) beneath the C horizon.

In addition to the rock particles, the soil contains
a) air and water
b) water and plants
c) minerals, organic matter, air and water
d) water, air and plants

Which topsoil is best suited for growing plants
a) Loamy Soil
b) Sandy soil
c) Clayey Soil
d) None of these

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