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Health concerns have caused an increase in per capita consumption of:
a) Poultry
b) Pork.
c) Beef
d) Eggs

A person working in which of these careers would be LEAST likely to be an active member of an animal rights group?
a) Philosopher
b) Journalist
c) Livestock farmer
d) Actress or actor

The humane treatment of animals in both research and production agriculture is the goal of people who believe in animal:
a) Abandonment.
b) Welfare.
c) Rights
d) Abuse

During the past ten years, the number of swine farms in North Carolina has:
a) Increased
b) Remained about the same.
c) Decreased
d) Doubled

The diabetes medicine extracted as a by- product from the pancreas of animals is:
a) Sugar.
b) Penicillin.
c) Heparin.
d) Insulin.

Animal welfare groups support:
a) Cruelly beating animals.
b) Animal nutrition.
c) Failing to treat animal diseases.
d) Exposing animals to undue heat.

In North Carolina, the cash receipts from the sale of broilers is more than:
a) $1 billion.
b) $1 million
c) $100 billion.
d) $1 trillion.

The total elimination of all animal use by humans is the goal of activists who believe in:
a) Animal welfare.
b) Beating animals.
c) Overworking animals.
d) Animal rights.

The issue of animal rights and the moral status of animals dates back at least to the:
a) War Between the States.
b) Settling of the U.S
c) Ancient Greeks.
d) Hippie movement.

The animal rights movement is made up mostly of people who are:
a) Poultry eaters
b) Vegetarians.
c) Pork eaters.
d) Beef eaters.

The blood clot and heart attack prevention medicine extracted as a by-product from the lungs of animals is:
a) Sulfur.
b) Penicillin.
c) Heparin.
d) Milk of magnesia.

The product that livestock provides for humans in the largest quantities is:
a) Food.
b) Clothing
c) Recreation
d) Shelter

Hooves, horns, bones and hides are animal by- products used to produce:
a) Artist brushes.
b) Gelatin.
c) Potted meat.
d) Medicines.

Decisions and regulations about animal welfare should be made on the basis of
a) Politics.
b) Pressure from lobbying.
c) Scientific information.
d) Emotions.

Most animal rights groups support:
a) Wearing fur coats.
b) Using animals for research.
c) Producing animals for food.
d) Eating foods that come from plants.

Blood meal and meat and bone scraps are animal by-products used for:
a) Paintbrushes
b) Leather
c) Candy
d) Livestock feed.

Animal welfare groups are opposed to:
a) Neutering or castrating animals.
b) Cruel treatment of animals.
c) Use of animals to benefit people.
d) Producing livestock for food.

A MAJOR problem in scientific research to accurately assess animal comfort and wellbeing is that there are NO:
a) Universal measures.
b) Willing scientists.
c) Interested groups
d) Available animals.

Although animals are used very little for this purpose in the United States, they are used in less developed countries to provide much of their:
a) Food.
b) Recreation.
c) Power.
d) Medicine.

Compared to animal welfare groups, animal rights groups tend to be:
a) More supportive of animal agriculture.
b) More timid in their activities.
c) Less vocal about their beliefs.
d) More radical in their activities.

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