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The type of inbreeding where animals that are more distantly related and can be traced back to one common ancestor such as a grandparent is:
a) Outcrossing.
b) Grading up.
c) Crossbreeding.
d) Line breeding.

The method of marketing livestock by public bidding with the animals selling to the highest bidder is:
a) Auction markets.
b) Terminal markets
c) Futures contracts.
d) Vertical integration contracts.

An Angus bull that breeds a Hereford cow is an example of:
a) Purebreeding.
b) Crossbreeding
c) Inbreeding.
d) Grading up.

The linking together of two or more steps of production, marketing and processing is:
a) Futures contracts.
b) Performance testing.
c) Vertical integration
d) Carrying capacity.

The type of swine operation that manages piglets after they are weaned is:
a) Farrow to finish.
b) Sow
c) Grow-finish.
d) Nursery.

The system of breeding which mates related animals such as brother to sister is:
a) Inbreeding.
b) Crossbreeding.
c) Purebreeding
d) Outcrossing.

Approximately 99 percent of the broilers raised in the United States are marketed through:
a) Terminal markets.
b) Futures contracts.
c) Vertical integration contracts
d) Auction markets.

The system of marketing livestock by auctioning online using computers is:
a) Futures contracts.
b) Electronic marketing
c) Direct selling.
d) Terminal markets

The marketing method that lets cattle producers sell their animals on their farm without commission firms, brokers or auctioneers involved is:
a) Local sale barns.
b) Terminal markets
c) Auction markets.
d) Direct selling.

The system of breeding which breeds a registered male to a registered female animal of the same breed is:
a) Rotation breeding.
b) Crossbreeding.
c) Purebred breeding.
d) Grading up.

Fluid milk from dairy operations is pasteurized to:
a) Remove bacteria.
b) Improve taste
c) Make yogurt.
d) Disperse fat droplets.

Superior traits of offspring that come from crossbreeding are called:
a) Grading up.
b) Hybrid vigor.
c) Sterility.
d) Recessive.

Central markets or public stockyards where livestock are consigned to a commission firm to bargain with purchasers for a fee are:
a) Futures contracts.
b) Auction markets.
c) Yardage.
d) Terminal markets.

The animal breeding system that mates purebred sires to grade females that are ineligible for purebred registration is:
a) Purebred breeding.
b) Line breeding.
c) Grading up.
d) Crossbreeding.

The type of beef cattle operation where producers focus on genetic improvements within a given breed is:
a) Seedstock.
b) Cow-calf.
c) Farrowing.
d) Feedlot.

Pork and beef products are initially processed into:
a) Roast Beef
b) Subprimal cuts.
c) Primal cuts.
d) Bacon

About 10% of the world’s population uses dried animal manure for:
a) Food
b) Clothing
c) Fuel
d) Shelter

In cash receipts from the sale of hogs, North Carolina’s rank among the fifty states is in the:
a) Top 10.
b) Middle 10
c) Bottom 10
d) Last Place

Most livestock producers believe in and support:
a) Animal rights
b) Causing animals to fight.
c) Animal welfare
d) Starving animals.

The trend in North Carolina for the past ten years is for swine farms to:
a) Remain about the same in number of hogs produced.
b) Convert to dairy farms
c) Decrease in number of hogs produced.
d) Increase in number of hogs produced.

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