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What process creates landforms?
a) Constructive
b) Destructive
c) Both of these
d) Neither of these

What process destroys land?
a) Constructive
b) Destructive
c) Both of these
d) Neither of these

What term means breaking down earth's surface and materials?
a) Deposition
b) Erosion
c) Weathering
d) None of these

What are the causes of weathering?
a) None of these
b) animals, ice, temperature
c) wind, water, humans
d) wind, water, ice, temperature

What is erosion?
a) The breakdown of sediments.
b) The depositing of sediments.
c) The movement of sediments.
d) The creation of sediments.

What term means the depositing (dropping) of sediments?
a) Erosion
b) Deposition
c) Weathering
d) Dropping

Which of the following is an example of deposition?
a) A river flowing through the mountain.
b) Trash washing up on the ocean shore.
c) An ocean wave receding into the ocean.
d) A thunderstorm.

Plant roots that cause rocks to break apart is an example of what?
a) Erosion
b) Weathering
c) Deposition
d) Temperature

Which of the following is an example of weathering?
a) Pieces of a glacier dropping into the ocean.
b) A volcano erupting and magma cooling.
c) Water flowing down a river.
d) Water freezing and melting in a rock's crack.

Which of the following landforms are constructive?
a) deposition, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and floods
b) deposition, weathering, floods, landslides
c) earthquakes, landslides, weathering, floods
d) deposition, earthquakes, weathering, floods

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