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Drinks that contain alcohol act as a ______ on the central nervous system.
a) stimulant
b) depressent
c) mood-enhancer
d) hallucinogen

Drinking alcohol can lead to physical and mental impairment that is called _____.
a) fermentation
b) alcoholism
c) intoxication
d) recovery

The process by which the body breaks down alcohol is called ______.
a) alcohol poisoning
b) binge drinking
c) alcoholism
d) metabolism

Drinking a large amount of alcohol, in a small amount of time refers to ____.
a) binge drinking
b) alcoholism
c) sobriety
d) recovery

Three factors that can influence alcohol use are:
a) media, medical condition, peers
b) peers, family, media
c) medical condition, greeters at wal-mart, family
d) family, attitudes towards alcohol, medical condition

What is a factor that can increase an individual's short term effects of alcohol?
a) amount of food eaten
b) how old they are
c) physical condition
d) all of the above

Which of the following is an epidemic among teens?
a) athletic competitions
b) bad hygiene
c) binge drinking
d) studying

Which of the following organs can be damaged by long term alcohol use?
a) heart
b) liver
c) stomach
d) all of the above

Which of the following is a social consequence of over drinking?
a) embarrassment
b) unprotected sexual activity
c) loss of friends
d) all of the above

How much alcohol is a safe amount for a mother to drink during pregnancy?
a) a glass of wine per day
b) a little bit of alcohol each week
c) a little bit of alcohol each month
d) there is no safe amount

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