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Review For Test On Explorers Unit.

What is NOT a reason people explored?
a) To find or get goods in high demand.
b) To find new sea routes that could be quicker to navigate to other countries.
c) To claim new land.
d) To get lost at sea and not make it to their final destination.

What causes scurvy?
a) Too many fruits and vegetables in one's diet.
b) A lack of vitamin C in one's diet.
c) Eating food infested with maggots and beetles.
d) Eating too much hardtack.

What happens when there is a high demand for something, but the supply is low?
a) The cost will go down.
b) The cost will go up.

What is DEMAND?
a) Making someone do something.
b) The amount of a product you have.
c) How much people want or need things.
d) Where supplies are located.

What is SUPPLY?
a) The amount of something.
b) Where something is located.
c) What happens after you buy products.
d) How much people want something.

Which country did NOT send out many explorers by sea?
a) Spain
b) Germany
c) England
d) France

What did sailors on the high seas usually suffer from the most?
a) Chicken Pox
b) Polio
c) Smallpox
d) Boredom

Many explorers searched North America for this water route:
a) Asian Passage
b) Southeast Passage
c) Northwest Passage
d) Panama Canal

Which of the following products from India and China were in high demand by Europeans?
a) Iron Ore and Aluminim
b) Horses and Cows
c) Fruits and Vegetables
d) Silks and Spices

What is the name given to the Spanish explorers who took control of South America?
a) Vikings
b) Armadas
c) Conquistadors
d) Pirates

What CONTAGIOUS disease was passed on to the Native Americans by the explorers?
a) Bronchitis
b) Smallpox
c) Scurvy
d) Diabetes

What new piece of technology allowed the explorers to figure where they were according to lines of latitude when they were sailing on the open sea?
a) Astrolabe
b) Rudder
c) Compass
d) Cannons

Which of these is NOT a hardship encountered by the explorers?
a) Scurvy
b) Helpful Natives
c) Mutiny
d) Rotten Food

Which is NOT an example of something sailors did to keep busy on the high seas?
a) Gamble
b) Cooking good, fresh food
c) Play simple instruments
d) Carving objects out of wood or ivory

What happens when there is a large supply of something, but the demand is low?
a) The cost goes up.
b) The cost goes down.

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