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What kind of eggs to birds lay?
a) Leathery
b) Amniotic
c) Unfertilized
d) Oceanic

Preening makes a bird's feathers ________________.
a) Lighter
b) Waterproof and Oily
c) Clean and Aerodynamic
d) Fall Out

What us the purpose of a bird's gizzard?
a) Digesting food
b) Making pellets
c) Grinding up food
d) Excreting Waste

Which of these is the correct order of a bird's digestive system?
a) Mouth - Esophagus - Stomach - Crop - Intestines - Gizzard - Cloaca
b) Mouth - Esophagus - Crop - Stomach - Gizzard - Intestines - Cloaca
c) Mouth - Crop - Esophagus - Gizzard - Stomach - Intestines - Cloaca
d) Mouth - Esophagus - Gizzard - Crop - Stomach - Intestines - Cloaca

Birds bones are mostly __________________.
a) Hollow
b) Weak
c) Solid
d) Cheese

Which type of feathers do birds have when they are born?
a) Contour
b) Waterproof
c) Down
d) Flight

Are birds endothermic or ectothermic?
a) Both
b) Neither
c) Ectothermic
d) Endothermic

Some penguins, emus, and ostriches are examples of which type of birds?
a) Water Birds
b) Birds of Prey
c) Flightless Birds
d) Song birds

How many chambers does a bird's heart have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Birds reproduce using ________________ fertilization?
a) External
b) Internal
c) No
d) Developmental

What are the two types of feathers?
a) Contour and Down
b) Countour and Waterproof
c) Waterproof and Down
d) Down and Fluffy

Why do birds have a more efficient respiratory system than reptiles?
a) Because birds have much larger lungs than reptiles
b) Because birds cannot breath through their skin
c) Because birds have feathers and can fly
d) Because birds absorb oxygen while both inhaling and exhaling

Which of the following is a POSITIVE impact birds have on our society?
a) They leave droppings on cars and building
b) They are biological indicators
c) They provide food and other raw resources
d) They can spread diseases

Which of the following is a NEGATIVE impact birds have on our society?
a) We eat them
b) Their droppings can cause damage to buildings and cars
c) They can be pets
d) They can be poisonous

Owls and Hawks are examples of which type of birds?
a) Birds of Prey
b) Water Birds
c) Flightless Birds
d) Song Birds

Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 types of birds?
a) Song Birds
b) Water Birds
c) Birds of Prey
d) Wingless

What Class do birds belong to?
a) Aves
b) Animalia
c) Squamata
d) Chordata

The study of birds is called ____________.
a) Aviology
b) Birdology
c) Lidiology
d) Ornithology

What Phylum do birds belong to?
a) Animalia
b) Aves
c) Chordata
d) Reptilia

Which Kingdom do Birds belong to?
a) Mammalia
b) Animalia
c) Chordata
d) Aves

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