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Why do you think living in close and dirty living spaces contributed to diseases?
a) because dirt causes disease
b) because bad smells causes disease
c) because living in close quarters makes the spread of disease easier
d) all of the above

Why didn't doctors just give people antibiotics and medicines to cure their diseases?
a) people didn't have the money to pay for antibiotics
b) antibiotics had not been discovered yet
c) antibiotics were saved for rich people only
d) all of the above

Why would poor people live, on average, shorter lives than middle class or rich people?
a) lack of money for medical care
b) lack of money for nutritious foods
c) living in cramped and dirty places
d) all of the above

What do you things do you think contributed to most men only living to be about 45?
a) lack of medical technology
b) dirty and close living quarters
c) poverty and not enough food for poor people to be healthy
d) all of the above

What was running in the streets?
a) dogs
b) cats
c) sewage
d) none of the above

There was an epidemic between 1832 and 1853 of what disease?
a) Cholera
b) Small Pox
c) Consumption
d) Tuberculosis

Most men lived to be...
a) 100
b) 45
c) 46
d) 70

What did they think caused disease?
a) S.T.D.
b) dirt
c) rats
d) bad smells

If the wife's husband disapproved of his wife's behavior he could...
a) divorce them
b) send her to jail
c) lock them away in a mad house
d) all of the above

Mental Hospitals were called...
a) mad houses
b) nut houses
c) crazy houses
d) all of the above

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