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Also known as the parental generation.
a) P generation
b) First Filial
c) P1 Generation
d) Second Filial

Plant that Mendel used in his experiment
a) Oak Tree
b) Rose
c) Pea Plant
d) Pine Tree

Another term for heterozygous
a) Hybrid
b) Purebred
c) Homozygous
d) Dominate

Nn genotype is _________ to nn genotype.
a) heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Recessive
d) Dominate

What are the possible genotypes for two heterozygous dominate parents (Yy, Yy)?
a) Yy, YY, yy
b) Only YY
c) Only Yy
d) Yy, yy

If yellow body is dominate to blue body, and Spongebob is homozygous dominate what is a possible genotype phenotype combination?
a) yy Blue body
b) Yy Blue body
c) YY Yellow body
d) Yy Yellow body

If a homozygous dominate is crossed with a homozygous recessive what are the chances your child will be a purebred?
a) 100%
b) 0%
c) 50%
d) 75%

A trait that masks another trait
a) Dominate
b) Recessive
c) Homozygous
d) Heterozygous

Neither gene in a pair masks another.
a) Dominate
b) Recessive
c) Incomplete dominance
d) Heterozygous

One member of a gene pair
a) Gene
b) Allele
c) Chromosome
d) Trait

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