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Which of the following media vehicles might a sport/event marketer choose to promote a celebrity baseball game to many people throughout a metropolitan area:
a) Internet advertising
b) Movable billboard
c) Stadium posters
d) Airplane banners

A business owner who wants to obtain a reduced rate for a series of local radio commercials might contract for what type of promotion?
a) Package
b) Transit
c) Contingent
d) Display

Your business wants to sell a shipment of goods by the end of the current work week at the lowest possible advertising cost. Which of the following promotional media would be best:
a) An ad in next Sunday's paper
b) Radio spot commercials
c) Point-of-purchase displays
d) A direct mail campaign

The cost to a business of radio spots will vary with the
a) basic production costs
b) number of listeners being reached.
c) size of the business.
d) type of information being aired.

The Fit and Lively Fitness Center wants to increase its membership, so it is planning to run a television ad to promote lower membership fees for a limited time. If the target audience is 939,000 16- to 36-year-old females, and 313,000 of the target
a) 36
b) 38
c) 39
d) 33

What is the most appropriate media-scheduling strategy for advertising food and other frequently purchased items?
a) Continuous
b) Intermittent
c) Flighting
d) Pulsing

Which of the following is the most appropriate promotional medium for a local hardware store:
a) Network television
b) National news magazine
c) Local newspaper
d) Local rock station

A business owner saved money by contracting with the local newspaper to purchase a series of ads over a period of time which entitled the business to a
a) preferred position.
b) free insert.
c) flat rate.
d) volume discount

What is the percentage of reach for a local radio sporting-goods advertisement if the target audience is 875,000 18-30-year-old males and 393,750 of the target audience is exposed to the message?
a) 35
b) 40
c) 30
d) 45

An advertiser spent $117,000 for 12 television spots with a total of 240 GRPs (gross rating points). What was the cost per GRP?
a) 585.5
b) 487.5
c) 975.5
d) 712.5

An important factor in determining rates for outdoor advertising is its
a) visibility.
b) artistic appeal
c) ease of replacement.
d) short life.

A sport/event organization can determine advertising reach of a magazine by analyzing the publication's
a) billing cycle.
b) finances.
c) times viewed.
d) circulation.

Which of the following types of media should an event planner use to promote an upcoming local charity event to the general public:
a) Direct mail
b) National newspaper
c) Local television
d) Consumer magazine

Which of the following is a qualitative media factor used in the selection of promotional media:
a) Reach
b) impact
c) frequency
d) cpm

Businesses generally pay more for newspaper advertisements when purchasing space at a _________ rate.
a) preferred-position
b) run-of-page
c) contract
d) frequency

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