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One of the disadvantages to marketers using streaming video e-mail is that it requires the recipient to have a(n)
a) sophisticated computer keyboard.
b) cloud computing
c) complicated operating system.
d) high-speed internet connection

Which of the following is an example of an email attachment?
c) resume.doc

Which of the following is the most common use of opt-in e-mail marketing:
a) Attachements
b) Confirmations
c) Announcements
d) Subscriptions

A business that asks customers to forward an e-mail to their friends or associates is engaged in
a) suggestion selling.
b) viral marketing.
c) direct advertising.
d) image building.

One of advantage of using e-mail marketing is that it is
a) cost effective.
b) impersonal.
c) anonymous
d) profit oriented.

Which of the following is an example of a business's using e-mail in a timely manner:
a) Describing features of expensive products
b) Sending customers a notice of tomorrow's sale
c) Targeting groups that subscribe to newsletters
d) Addressing messages to individual customers

What mailing technique do businesses often use if they do not have mailing-list software?
a) Autoresponder
b) Blind Carbon Copy
c) Internet Service Provider
d) Bookmark feature

Which one of the following computer programs prevents email messages containing the word free in the subject header from entering an inbox:
a) Filters
b) Servers
c) Gophers
d) Queues

What should businesses do to detect any problems before sending an e-mail to everyone on their list?
a) Finalize a signature
b) Conduct a test run
c) Prepare a response
d) Prepare a response

What is a guideline for businesses to follow when creating mailing lists?
a) Choose individuals who want the e-mail
b) Ask employees for names of relatives
c) Obtain names from local competitors
d) Identify all people in a certain area

For higher response rates, businesses should develop marketing e-mail messages that are
a) interesting, unique, and lengthy.
b) appealing, complex, and relevant.
c) short, simple, and understandable.
d) relevant, short, and complex.

Which of the following is an advantage to a business of using an in-house system to send bulk e-mailings:
a) Control of delivery is limited.
b) Up-front costs are low.
c) Costs are tied to volume.
d) Last-minute changes are possible.

The body of an e-mail that reads, Dear Sue, we hope you are enjoying the newsletter, is an example of a/an ______ message.
a) understandable
b) personalized
c) focused
d) compelling

When an advertiser wants to reach specific target markets, which type of print medium would be most cost-effective?
a) Newspapers
b) Direct mail
c) Yellow pages
d) Billboards

One reason it is important for professional sport/event organizations to develop advance ticket sales plans is because the generated revenue helps organizations to
a) cover pre-event expenses.
b) reduce the risk of ticket scalping activities.
c) increase general admission ticket sales.
d) decrease operational costs.

When a business places print advertisements in a magazine that has a specific readership reach, it is basing its buying decisions on the publication's
a) motivation
b) participation
c) participation
d) circulation

A business that asks to have an advertisement presented at a specific time on the air or in a special place in a newspaper will
a) pay a higher price for the ad
b) pay the standard fee for the ad.
c) need to be a regular advertiser.
d) not have its request granted.

Which of the following decreases the costs to a business of using newspaper advertising
a) Color requirements
b) Preferred position
c) Split-runs
d) Sliding-scale rates

A radio station sells a 30-second spot for $500. If the number of listeners is 200,000, calculate the cost per thousand (CPM).
a) 50
b) 2.5
c) 5
d) 25

Businesses that buy broadcast advertising time often ask for information about the _______ before purchasing the time.
a) ratings for certain shows
b) popularity of newscasters
c) qualifications of management
d) ownership of the stations

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