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Which of the following is a good long term investment option?
a) mutual funds
b) viaticals
c) gold

To withdraw money from your Roth IRA without paying a penalty, you must be
a) 59.5 years old
b) 40 years old
c) 100 years old

What is used to manage a mutual fund?
a) portfolio
b) stocks
c) bonds

The U.S. is the only country in which ___ is not a way of life
a) negotiating
b) saving
c) investing

Which technique will you most likely hear I have to check with my manager?
a) good guy, bad guy
b) that's not good enough
c) if I take away

Which of the following is typically NOT a good place to find a deal?
a) mall
b) estate sales
c) consignment shops

What is an arrangement in which a person puts his money in for long term growth?
a) investment
b) risk return ratio
c) stocks

What is a retail establishment selling items that have been traded as security for cash?
a) pawn shop
b) consignment shop
c) mall

___ will NOT give you the best (cheapest_ deal on a purchase
a) being first in line for a new product
b) shopping around to find the best deal
c) negotiating

Which of the following is not a retirement account?
a) 4085
b) 401K
c) 457

What is the ability to walk away from a purchase when negotiating?
a) walk away power
b) its not good enough
c) negotaite

The basic rules of negotiating can get you incredible deal but only if you
a) actually use them
b) have a lot of money
c) are willing to buy the item regardless of the price

What are the securities that represent part ownership in a corporation?
a) share
b) stocks
c) diversification

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