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What is gravity
a) a force of attraction
b) All unbalanced forces
c) All balanced forces
d) None of the above

What causes tides?
a) The moon's gravity
b) The Earth's tilt
c) Earth's revolution
d) The moon's rotation

What causes seasons?
a) Earth's rotation
b) Moon's rotation
c) Moon's revolution
d) The tilt of the Earth on its axis.

What causes day and night?
a) Earth's revolution
b) Moon's rotation
c) Moon's revolution
d) Earth's rotation

When the tilt is toward the sun, what season?
a) Fall
b) Summer
c) Winter
d) Spring

When tilt is away?
a) Fall
b) Summer
c) Winter
d) Spring

What phase is moon 100% visible?
a) New Moon
b) 1st Quarter
c) Full Moon
d) 3rd Quarter

What phase comes after full moon?
a) Waning Gibbous
b) Waxing Gibbous
c) Waning Crescent
d) Waxing Crescent

If it's Summer in Northern Hemisphere, what Season is it in the South?
a) Fall
b) Spring
c) Summer
d) Winter

Highest Tide is during which Moon phases?
a) New Moon
b) First Quarter
c) Last Quarter
d) Waxing Gibbous

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