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Which genotype is homozygous?
a) NN
b) Nn
c) NR
d) Nr

Another name for homozygous is?
a) Hybrid
b) Purebred
c) Heterozygous
d) Genetics

Yellow body color is dominate to blue, what genotype would produce a blue body?
a) YY
b) yy
c) Yy
d) YB

The physical traits that you see on someone
a) Genotype
b) Heterozygous
c) Phenotype
d) Zygote

Physical Characteristics that are inherited
a) Trait
b) Gene
c) Allele
d) DNA

Trait that seems to disappear when there are two different genes present.
a) Dominate
b) Heterozygous
c) Homozygous
d) Recessive

Father is heterozygous dominate and mother is recessive, what are the chances their child will be recessive?
a) 75%
b) 50%
c) 25%
d) 0%

Both parents are dominate homozygous what are the chances the child will be recessive?
a) 100%
b) 75%
c) 25%
d) 0%

Rod shaped structures found in the nucleus of a cell
a) Gene
b) Allele
c) Chromosomes
d) Trait

Half of the gene
a) Allele
b) Chromosome
c) Trait
d) Zygote

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