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A difference between the Turks and the Persians was...
a) Persians were nomads and Turks settled in one area
b) Persians occupied the mountains and Turks were nomads
c) Turks were nomads and Persians settled in one area.
d) All of these

The cultures in this region ALL had to ...
a) Live in the mountains
b) Live as Nomads
c) Find a way to adapt to the land
d) Find cultural ties to the region

Arab and Jewish cultures BOTH
a) Live on Plateaus
b) Feel they have a right to the land
c) Have a traditional link to the land
d) Feel they have a right to the land and have a traditional link to the land

Why would it be a problem from the United States if Southwest Asia stopped sending us oil?
a) The United States makes too much oil and needs to sell it.
b) The United States needs their oil because they do not make enough on their own.
c) The United States needs the money from selling oil to Southwest Asia
d) None of these

Which country is one of the top oil consumers in the world?
a) Iraq
b) Egypt
c) United States
d) Mexico

Lipstick, glasses, and footballs are all ...
a) Found in most cars
b) Manufactured in North Africa
c) Made from oil
d) Manufactured in Southwest Asia

What is a major similarity between Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Sumerians
a) Both civilizations built pyramids as tombs for their leaders
b) Both civilizations had a limited government
c) Both civilizations created calendars
d) Both civilizations developed written languages

What are some Sumerian inventions?
a) Calendar, mummification, hieroglyphics
b) The plow, the wheel and cuneiform
c) Hieroglyphics and irrigation
d) Mummification and religion

What are some Egyptian inventions?
a) The plow, the wheel and cuneiform
b) Calendar, mummification, hieroglyphics
c) Cuneiform and irrigation
d) Mummification and religion

Why was Hammurabi's Code important?
a) It was the religious word of the gods and it told people what to believe
b) It was the first written set of laws and people were now held accountable
c) It was the instructions for eating and it showed how to prepare food
d) It was the instructions for farming and it showed how to grow crops

What was the impact of invasion and colonization on the political systems of the region?
a) It brought Democracy
b) Authoritarian regimes were destroed
c) Authoritarian regimes took over
d) It brought peace

Which system helped transport water to crops?
a) Plantation
b) Watering
c) Irrigation
d) Agriculture

Which Empire conquered North Africa and Southwest Asia in the 15th century?
a) Greek
b) Ottoman
c) Israeli
d) None of the these

Conquests of the region resulted in
a) Poorly developed ecomonies
b) Peace in the region.
c) Jewish migration to this region
d) All of the above

What was the impact of Jewish migration to the region after World War Two?
a) Peace in the Middle East
b) Conflict in the Middle East
c) Political disagreements
d) Both political disagreements and conflict in the Middle East

What was the impact of British and French colonization of this region?
a) Peace was brought to the Middle East
b) Lands were divided
c) Things stayed the same
d) All of these

Why is the Dome of the Rock significant in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
a) It is one of the oldest buildings in the world
b) It is one of the only places where fighting has not occured
c) It is a holy place for both the Arabs and the Israelis
d) None of these

What is a major reason for the conflict in Israel?
a) There is no reason for conflict
b) There are different religions
c) Israelis and Palestinians both want control of the land
d) There are different languages

Which of the following statements are true about the country of Israel?
a) It is a peaceful country
b) Only Jews live in Israel
c) Only Muslims live in Israel
d) It was created in 1948 as a Jewish State

Which is true about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
a) Everyone is effected by the conflict
b) Only Jewish Israelis are effected by the conflict
c) Only Palestinians are effected by the conflict
d) It started in 1950

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