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A noun is
a) a person, place, thing or idea
b) an action
c) something that describes a verb

What is an antonym of lost
a) missing
b) found
c) stolen
d) together

What is a synonym of happy
a) angry
b) mad
c) joyful
d) pain

The letter's A, E, I, O AND U are...
a) consonant's
b) vowel's

Which sentence is correct?
a) I want to go over to their house and play.
b) we went to there house.
c) i went to the store!
d) We each had a peace of pie

which words are spelled correctly?
a) purpull, pesil, peenut
b) nitting, kuntry, bisikl
c) japaneez, cleener, garawge
d) stone, together, written, blue

Running is a......
a) noun
b) verb

The letter's B, C, D, F, G, H, AND J ARE...
a) vowels
b) consanant's

Go up to your room and make your bed. Which type of sentence is this?
a) declarative
b) interrogative
c) exclamatory
d) imperative

What time is it? Which type of sentence is this?
a) imperative
b) exclamatory
c) interrogative
d) declarative

Which words are spelled correctly?
a) pisstol, wunder, nitted
b) going, ruling, wanted, mountain
c) perty, upseyeddown, beetween
d) siense, skool, waterfowntan

Which words have three syllables?
a) automobile, liver, went
b) bone, way, blue
c) pretty, open, turtle
d) september, remember, Thanksgiving

Which words rhyme with money?
a) scurry, furry, jury
b) turtle, hurtle, gurtle
c) sunny, honey, funny
d) mine, time, fine

Which words are in ABC order?
a) count, about, wonder, snuggle
b) elephant, grow, joke, purple
c) donkey, apple, number cow
d) zebra, answer, cent, marble

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