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People in many lands believed in what at this time
a) imperialism
b) impeachment
c) implosion
d) Impulsion

What did the word in the previous question mean
a) Rule your country
b) Rule other countries
c) Rule other counties
d) Rule other capitals

America wanted to rule other countries too
a) True
b) False

In what year did USA buy Alaska
a) 1864
b) 1865
c) 1866
d) 1867

Who did USA buy Alaska from
a) Europe
b) Russia
c) Moscow
d) England

It cost the USA ______?
a) $7,200,000
b) $72,000,000
c) $720,000
d) $7,020,000

What was found in Alaska in 1896
a) Silver
b) Coal
c) Gold
d) All – A, B, C

In what year, and what number state, did Hawaii become part of the USA
a) 1959, 49th
b) 1959, 50th
c) 1948, 49th
d) 1948, 50th

In what year, and what number state, did Alaska become part of the USA
a) 1959, 48th
b) 1959, 49th
c) 1948, 48th
d) 1948, 49th

In what year did the USA help the Cubans become free
a) 1896
b) 1897
c) 1898
d) 1899

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