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You receive a text message on your cell phone from an unknown number. The message includes an attachment. You try to call the number but you get no answer. What is the best action for you to take next?
a) Open the attachment.
b) Forward the message to your e-mail so you can open the attachment using your computer.
c) Call the phone number of the sender again.
d) Delete the message without opening the attachment.

Which of the following is an example of a trademark?
a) A chapter from John Lennon's book In His Own Write
b) A contract allowing you to use the Beatles' digital graphics on your Web site
c) The apple icon on the covers of many Beatles albums
d) An MP3 file containing the Beatles' song Hey Jude

A cookie is a text file that is placed on a Web site visitor's computer. Cookies allow a Web site manager to:
a) customize the site to the site visitor's Web browsing preferences.
b) customize the frequency with which the site visitor's browser cache checks for newer pages.
c) customize the security options on the site visitor's browser.
d) customize the browser cache size on the site visitor's computer.

How does a proxy server protect a corporate network from unwanted Internet activity?
a) A proxy server runs only the corporate intranet.
b) A proxy server replaces the network IP address with another, contingent address.
c) A proxy server runs only the corporate extranet.
d) A proxy server restricts users by requiring a user name and password for every transmission.

Which statement best describes symmetric-key encryption?
a) An encryption method in which a key is required to encrypt data for storage and to verify its integrity
b) An encryption method in which two separate keys - private key and public key - are used to encrypt and decrypt a message
c) An encryption method where numbers generated by an algorithm from a text string are used to verify the integrity of messages
d) An encryption method in which the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt a message

Which term is used to describe an application that installs hidden services on a system that enables the attacker to monitor and control the operation of the system?
a) Trojan
b) Virus
c) Illicit server
d) Worm

As part of the IT department, you configure the employee workstations for your company. When configuring a user's system, you always set the browser security levels to the company standard settings. What are users restricted from downloading?
a) Active content
b) Pop-under windows
c) Cookies
d) Pop-up windows

Which statement is true regarding a virus attack on your system?
a) Most viruses can be halted after they commence an attack and can be removed without permanent damage to your system.
b) Most viruses can be removed without permanent damage to your system if they have not commenced their attack.
c) Most viruses can be removed from your system, but only after they have run their course.
d) Most viruses cannot be removed from your system once your files have been infected.

Your parents want to buy a rare wine from They go to checkout and see this: You tell them to cancel their online transaction instead of proceeding. Why?
a) Because the URL does not use SSL/TLS encryption and therefore any information they enter would not be secure
b) Because the URL uses SSL/TLS encryption, which you know is not compatible with the browser they are using
c) Because the site uses 128-bit encryption, which is illegal for companies that are located overseas
d) Because the URL uses abbreviations and is not completely readable, so the domain name cannot be identified

A firewall can perform which task?
a) Prevent unauthorized access to proprietary data on an intranet
b) Read and censor internal e-mail messages
c) Provide public access to previously controlled information
d) Increase browser interpretation of HTML

Which encryption method provides data integrity because, even though encrypted data is not decrypted, you can verify whether the data was altered after encryption?
a) Asymmetric-key encryption
b) Hash encryption
c) Symmetric-key encryption
d) RSA encryption

You are a network administrator for your company. Most of the data from your company is sensitive so you determine that encrypting company transmissions is critical. What is the disadvantage of your decision to encrypt company transmissions?
a) Encrypting transmissions encourages hackers and places data at risk for interception by malicious outsiders.
b) Encrypting transmissions violates your employees' privacy rights.
c) Encrypting transmissions slows communication because each data packet must be encrypted and decrypted.
d) Encrypting transmissions requires you to obtain a license from the copyright owner.

Secure authentication requires:
a) a user name only.
b) a user name, a password, and encryption of this information.
c) a user name and a password.
d) either a user name or a password.

Which of the following is the most common method for spreading viruses?
a) Opening attachments
b) Downloading files
c) Swapping disks or drives
d) Installing programs

Sarah just made a purchase on an online shopping site (such as and completed the checkout process by paying with her credit card. Which protocol was most likely used for the transmission of her information?
d) POP3

You are a network administrator for a medium-sized organization. The receptionist has had several problems with malware recently. Which of the following will help prevent additional malware from being installed on his computer?
a) Audit the contents of this employee's hard drive.
b) Monitor the messages this employee sends and receives via e-mail.
c) Examine the cached files from the Internet on this employee's computer.
d) Restrict this employee's access to the Internet.

Which term is used to describe a computer security program that is enabled when no keystrokes or mouse actions have occurred on the system for a specified duration?
a) Desktop firewall
b) Automated patch
c) Automated update
d) Screen saver

You work for a marketing company and your team is assigned to rebrand published work from an independent author who has legal ownership of all her works. You get permission to use her work in exchange for a royalty fee. What is this called?
a) Trademark
b) Copyright
c) License
d) Encryption

Sensitive data (such as credit card information) should be secured using authentication and encryption when transmitting it over the Internet. Which protocol do most servers use to exchange sensitive data over the Internet?
a) File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
b) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
c) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
d) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Non-repudiation is the security principle of providing proof that a transaction occurred between identified parties. Which of the following can you use to enforce non-repudiation in an electronic data transfer?
a) Firewall
b) Digital certificate
c) Encrypted key
d) Digital signature

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