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In natural selection, ____.
a) the fittest organisms survive and reproduce
b) breeders cross organisms
c) organisms do not change over many generations
d) organisms chose mates from other species

When looking at rock layers, the oldest fossils are found ____.
a) on the bottom layer
b) throughout the rock layers
c) in the middle
d) on the top layer

A/An ___ is any trait that is passed on to the next generation of an organism and it makes the organism better able to survive in its environment.
a) adaptation
b) punctuated equilibrium
c) gradualism
d) artificial selection

Blood type is an example of
a) multiple alleles
b) None of These
c) a pair of genes
d) polygenic inheritance

In ____, a phenotype is produced that is intermediate between the parents.
a) incomplete dominance
b) co-dominance
c) multiple alleles
d) polygenic inheritance

A ____ is a species that is found in the same area.
a) population
b) genus
c) group
d) community

The model of change that occurs slowly is ___.
a) gradualism
b) selective breeding
c) cloning
d) punctuated equilibrium

Most fossils are found in ____.
a) sedimentary rocks
b) sand
c) metamorphic rocks
d) igneous rocks

The model of change that occurs rapidly is ___.
a) punctuated equilibrium
b) inbreeding
c) selective breeding
d) gradualism

In selective breeding, ____.
a) breeders cross organisms
b) organisms must experience the risks of surgery
c) cloning occurs
d) the fittest organisms survive and reproduce

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