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Which is the most common method used to authenticate users on private and public computer networks?
a) User names and passwords
b) Encrypted keys
c) Digital signatures
d) Digital certificates

Which term is used to describe a program that appears to be harmless but actually produces malicious or harmful results?
a) Worm
b) Virus
c) Firewall
d) Trojan

Computer viruses can cause very little up to severe damage. You can protect your system by using virus-detection software to get rid of viruses. Because new viruses are created so rapidly, what must you do to make sure your anti-virus can protect you
a) After you install the anti-virus software, scan your system at least weekly.
b) Install anti-virus software program updates to keep the signature profiles current.
c) Install at least two different anti-virus programs and alternate their use randomly.
d) After you install the anti-virus software, scan your system every day.

Which of the following is protected by copyright?
a) The permission you obtained to reprint another author's essay about DNA
b) The graphical double-helix representation of DNA
c) The concept of how DNA functions in human hereditary behavior
d) The lessons explaining DNA concepts on the Web site

When your company's private LAN is protected by a firewall, which of the following is true?
a) Users on the LAN can access information from the Internet, but outside users cannot access information stored on the LAN.
b) Users on the LAN cannot access information from the Internet, but outside users can access information stored on the LAN.
c) Neither outside users nor users on the LAN can access information from the Internet.
d) Neither outside users nor users on the LAN can access information stored on the LAN.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are two common protocols used to secure Internet communication exchanges. Which of the following is true about SSL and TLS?
a) TLS is the successor to SSL and has become more common.
b) SSL is the successor to TLS and has become more common.
c) TLS and SSL are deprecated protocols that have been replaced by HTTPS.
d) TLS and SSL are newer protocols that have replaced HTTPS.

Brea opened an e-mail attachment with a virus. After running anti-virus software, the damage is still extensive and she has to reformat her hard drive. Which step, if she had taken it prior to the virus, would have reduced the impact of the virus?
a) Performing regularly scheduled backups so that she can reload all files if lost or damaged
b) Restoring data files from backup on a regular basis
c) Following a policy of never opening attachments
d) Printing and then deleting files, thus limiting the number of electronic files vulnerable to virus attacks

The level of secrecy offered by encryption is dependent on:
a) the transmission speed used to encrypt or decrypt data.
b) whether or not the data you are encrypting is copyrighted.
c) the type of encryption used and the size of the key.
d) whether or not the data you are encrypting is licensed.

You suspect that an attacker has gained control of your computer system. What action should you take next?
a) Shut down the computer.
b) Run anti-virus software on all disks associated with this system.
c) Enable strong encryption on all files on the hard disk.
d) Unplug the computer network cable and/or disable the computer's wireless NIC.

You avoid adding yourself to unwanted mailing lists, you conduct online transactions through secure Web sites, and you are selective when posting information to newsgroups. These actions will help you:
a) protect original works of authorship under copyright law.
b) minimize the amount of spam you receive.
c) enforce the company's encryption policy for e-mail.
d) perform the IT job of Web site analyst.

What do encryption applications do to render text unreadable?
a) Compress the text so that only abbreviated portions of words remain
b) Scramble text using mathematical algorithms
c) Remove all formatting and punctuation from the text
d) Scramble text using benign viruses

Which statement best describes asymmetric-key encryption?
a) An encryption method in which two separate keys - private key and public key - are used to encrypt and decrypt a message
b) An encryption method where numbers generated by an algorithm from a text string are used to verify the integrity of messages
c) An encryption method in which the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt a message
d) An encryption method in which a key is required to encrypt data for storage and verify its integrity

You were replying to e-mail when suddenly your computer started to display random messages, and stopped responding. You suspect that you have accidentally downloaded a virus. Which of the following actions most likely caused this?
a) You opened an e-mail attachment.
b) You printed a file that was stored on your hard drive.
c) You logged in to your company's portal.
d) You sent an e-mail message with an attachment to a co-worker.

Which of the following is a vital part of any firewall strategy?
a) The inclusion of a Web server
b) The security policies created by firewall administrators
c) The inclusion of an FTP server
d) The use of Internet plug-ins that can function through firewalls

Your company's IT department enforces the use of 128-bit encryption. Your department also protects the company encryption keys to ensure secure transmissions. Which choice is an important reason for encrypting the company's network transmissions?
a) Preventing data from being intercepted by malicious outsiders
b) Providing employees privacy to use company e-mail for personal purposes
c) Avoiding licenses that allow you to use a copyrighted software program
d) Legally protecting your company's original product content

The availability of vendor-supplied services and support, and the availability of regular updates and patches from vendors are considered advantages of:
a) using software licensed by the GNU General Public License (GPL).
b) using software that is hosted by a service provider.
c) using open-source software.
d) using proprietary software.

Which statement is true regarding international copyrights of digital information?
a) An international copyright does not exist but your material is protected as long as you use the copyright symbol (©).
b) An international copyright is designed to protect digital information in all countries worldwide.
c) An international copyright protects digital information in countries that belong to the World Intellectual Property Org.
d) An international copyright does not exist.

Which term best describes a file of programming code that provides a temporary fix to a known bug?
a) Algorithm
b) Firewall
c) Update
d) Patch

Bob opened an e-mail attachment and it launched a virus. The virus took control of his system, and now he is unable to run his anti-virus software. What should he do next?
a) Turn off his computer and reboot from a clean system disk.
b) Attach his backup drive and try to back up important files as quickly as possible.
c) Let the virus run and hope that the damage is minimal.
d) Call his local authorities to report computer fraud.

Which of the following can protect your company's data, prevent data from being intercepted by malicious outsiders, and deter hackers?
a) License
b) Encryption
c) Copyright
d) Trademark

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