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To cut apart and study.
a) Dissect
b) Organism
c) Decay
d) Exist

The study of animals.
a) Zoology
b) Natural
c) Dissect
d) Organism

The study of living things.
a) Biology
b) Zoology
c) Prey
d) Alert

To break down or decay.
a) Decompose
b) Zoology
c) Biology
d) Prey

To send messages.
a) Communicate
b) Signal
c) Chatter
d) Alert

A person who sells plants or flowers.
a) Florist
b) Floral
c) Flowering
d) Revive

Having to do with flowers.
a) Floral
b) Flowering
c) Revive
d) Create

a) Animation
b) Inanimate
c) Creation
d) Create

Something created of made
a) Creation
b) Create
c) Animation
d) Revive

To reawaken
a) Revive
b) Animation
c) Inanimate
d) Flowering

Necessary for life.
a) Vital
b) Revive
c) Vitamin
d) Create

Not living.
a) Inanimate
b) Floral
c) Revive
d) Creation

Able to produce flowers.
a) Flowering
b) Florist
c) Floral
d) Inanimate

Someone who makes new things.
a) Inventor
b) Produce
c) Creation
d) Jobless

Short, passing fashion.
a) Fad
b) Afford
c) Produce
d) Revive

The science of farming and growing food.
a) Agriculture
b) Prey
c) Dissect
d) Biology

Coming from nature.
a) Natural
b) Prey
c) Dissect
d) Exist

An animal that hunts other animals for food.
a) Predator
b) Prey
c) Organism
d) Exist

a) Wealthy
b) Expert
c) Jobless
d) Afford

To have enough money to buy.
a) Afford
b) Loan
c) Market
d) Inventor

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