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Who was a mobster that was blamed for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
a) Al Capone
b) Rudolph Valentino
c) Billy Sunday
d) Babe Ruth

Who was a professional baseball player who was saved and became an evangelist?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Billy Sunday
c) Al Capone
d) F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who was a sports figure that fans wanted to see hit a home run?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Billy Sunday
c) Al Capone
d) Warren G. Harding

What is it to approve an amendment to the Constitution?
a) ratify
b) petition
c) suffrage
d) prohibition

Who was the pilot who made the first successful solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Arthur Schomburg
b) Charles Lindbergh
c) Henry Ford
d) Moe Smith

Who was a collector of books, pamphlets, poems, and pictures either by or about African Americans?
a) Arthur Schomburg
b) Charles Lindbergh
c) Al Capone
d) Moe Smith

What was a popular state for buying real estate in 1924 and 1925?
a) New York
b) Florida
c) Georgia
d) Massachusettes

What was the movement in which African Americans began to preserve their culture?
a) The Jazz Age
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Roaring Twenties
d) Prohibition

Where did Lindbergh begin his solo flight?
a) New York
b) New Hamphire
c) Florida
d) Georgia

What was it called when everybody was buying up land?
a) Harlem Renaissance
b) Florida Boom
c) Dazzling Decade
d) Prohibition

What are pieces made exactly the same to fit any car called?
a) manners
b) revivals
c) mass products
d) interchangeable parts

What is it called when you must make more products in less time?
a) mass produce
b) interchangeable parts
c) revivals
d) speakeasies

What are payments that people make to the bank to pay back a loan?
a) stock
b) installments
c) credit
d) market

What part of a company is available to buy at the stock exchange and known as shares?
a) stock
b) credit
c) installments
d) bear market

What was the period when stock prices were higher than any other time?
a) Big Bull Market
b) Prohibition
c) Bull Market
d) Bear Market

What is it called when there is an economic loss?
a) Big Bull Market
b) Bear Market
c) Prohibition
d) Bull Market

What is it called when there is economic growth?
a) Bear Market
b) Big Bull Market
c) Bull Market
d) Big Bear Market

What is the process of a bank loaning a person money to be paid back?
a) stock
b) credit
c) amendment
d) petition

What happened on October 1929?
a) The stock market crashed.
b) Amendment Nineteen was ratified.
c) There was a big bull in the market.
d) Prohibition began.

How did listening to the radio help people who lived miles apart feel closer to one another?
a) They were able to hear what was going on in other places.
b) People could go places faster.
c) They were able to buy more cars with radios.
d) It allowed them to work faster and harder.

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