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Places where alcohol was sold in secret were called
a) speakeasies.
b) revivals.
c) prohibition.
d) flappers.

The right to vote is called
a) ratify.
b) suffrage.
c) petition.
d) amendment.

What is a style of music that became popular in the 1920's?
a) Flappers
b) Speakeasy
c) Jazz
d) Prohibition

Criminals that earned money through illegal activities were known as
a) gangsters.
b) flappers.
c) suffrage.
d) manners.

The ban that made it illegal to make or sell alcohol was called
a) Petition.
b) Prohibition.
c) Amendment.
d) Jazz.

A written request for a right or benefit from someone in authority is a
a) petition.
b) amendment.
c) suffrage.
d) commandment.

Which is NOT a name given to the 1920's?
a) Dazzling Decade
b) Jazz Age
c) Roaring Twenties
d) Speakeasies.

What did Warren G. Harding promise the American people?
a) the return to normalcy
b) the return of alcohol for sell
c) the right to vote
d) revivals in the streets

Who were the two famous policemen that tried to close down the speakeasies?
a) Billy Sunday and Bob Jones
b) Izzy Eintein and Moe Smith
c) Rudolph Valentino and Al Capone
d) Babe Ruth and F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who were two evangelists during the 1920's?
a) Billy Sunday and Bob Jones, Sr.
b) Moe Smith and Izzy Einstein
c) Al Capone and F. Scott Fitzgerald
d) Babe Ruth and Rudolph Valentino

Why did the young people of the 1920's call themselves the lost generation?
a) because of the many lives lost in World War I
b) because they wanted to reflect the attitudes of the decade
c) because they wanted to protest the amendments
d) because they wanted to hold a parade

What was the purpose of the suffragettes' petition?
a) to ratify the Eighteenth Amendment
b) to hold a parade
c) to ask the government to allow women to vote
d) to have Prohibition

What did Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony fight for?
a) Prohibition
b) the Nineteenth Amendment
c) World War I
d) the right to bob their hair

What were women who dressed in nontraditional ways called?
a) suffragettes
b) doughgirls
c) flappers
d) speakeasies

What are changes made to the Constitution called?
a) petitions
b) amendments
c) prohibitions
d) manners

Who became president in 1920?
a) Warren G. Harding
b) Calvin Coolidge
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Susan B. Anthony

What were the meetings held by evangelists called?
a) manners
b) speakeasies
c) petitions
d) revivals

Who was a popular actor of silent films?
a) Al Capone
b) F. Scott Fitzgerald
c) Rudolph Valentino
d) Billy Sunday

Who was an author whose writings reflected the attitudes and values of the 1920's?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Rudolph Valentino
c) Billy Sunday
d) F. Scott Fitzgerald

What is are guidelines for behavior?
a) manners
b) ratify
c) revivals
d) petitions

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