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Why is it necessary to have a lot of energy at the bottom of the food web/chain?
a) Technically the rest of the ecosystem is supported by those organisms at the bottom.
b) Producers are better
c) Technically the food web/chain is supported by organisms at the top of the food web/chain/
d) Carnivores eat omnivores and herbivores.

What organisms get their energy directly from the sun?
a) carnivores
b) omnivores
c) herbivores
d) primary producers

Cattle grazing in a field is an example of
a) herbivory
b) mutualism
c) an omnivore
d) symbiosis

A relationship where two species are competing for a resource, possibly a limiting factor
a) predation
b) parasitism
c) commensalism
d) competition

In a food web what type of organism will have the MOST biomass?
a) carnivores
b) omnivores
c) herbivores
d) primary producers

The first level of all food webs is
a) primary producers
b) primary consumers
c) photosynthesis
d) herbivores

The ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem where a crab that eats small marine organisms is eaten by a seagull is
a) the crab
b) the seagull
c) small marine organisms
d) the sun

In some areas on the United States, moose are so infested with ticks that they die. The moose/tick relationship is considered
a) parasitic
b) predatory
c) symbiotic
d) mutualistic

A relationship where one species kills and eats another species.
a) symbiosis
b) predation
c) parasitism
d) herbivory

A relationship where both organisms benefit from living in close proximity with one another is called
a) parasitism
b) predation
c) mutualism
d) commensalism

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