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This occur when ions from the Sun strike air molecules.
a) auroras
b) ozone
c) greenhouse effect
d) photosynthesis

This gas in the troposphere plays a key role in Earth's weather.
a) nitrogen
b) water vapor
c) carbon dioxide
d) methane

2. Mountain climbers often carry oxygen because air pressure _______________ with altitude.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) none
d) none

The oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is a product of what
a) auroras
b) greenhouse effect
c) photosynthesis
d) ozone

What are the gases in Earth’s atmosphere in order of most abundant to least?
a) nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor
b) water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen
c) oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor
d) ozone, methane, nitrogen

What causes wind?
a) temperature inversions
b) convection in the mesosphere
c) unequal heating of Earth’s surface
d) the jet stream

In which layer of the atmosphere does the weather occur?
a) troposphere
b) stratosphere
c) mesosphere
d) thermosphere

In which layer of Earth's atmosphere does the temperature decrease as altitude increases?
a) stratosphere
b) mesosphere
c) thermosphere
d) terrasphere

Which do scientists consider greenhouse gases?
a) carbon dioxide, hydrogen and nitrogen
b) carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor
c) carbon monoxide, ozone and radon
d) carbon monoxide, oxygen and argon

What happens to the temperature in the mesosphere as the altitude increases?
a) As altitude increases, the temperature increases.
b) As altitude increases, the temperature remains the same.
c) As altitude increases, the temperature decreases.
d) There is no relationship between altitude and temperature.

Which of the following is true about air pressure in the atmosphere?
a) Air pressure decreases as you travel up through the layers of the atmosphere.
b) Air pressure increases as you travel up through the layers of the atmosphere.
c) Air pressure does not change with changes in altitude.
d) Air pressure goes up and down with changes in temperature.

In which layer of the atmosphere are the warmest air temperatures found?
a) troposphere
b) stratosphere
c) thermosphere
d) mesosphere

What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
a) carbon dioxide
b) nitrogen
c) oxygen
d) ozone

The uneven heating of the Earth creates large convection currents. These convection currents are responsible for all of the following except...
a) global winds.
b) surface ocean currents.
c) precipitation.
d) movement of weather systems.

The earth would experience temperatures 60 (°F) colder without the
a) auroras
b) ozone
c) greenhouse effect
d) thermosphere

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