Webmastering Semester Exam 3 Review Question Preview (ID: 2186)


What is a web page that is used to base other pages in order to make building and maintaining a web site easier?
a) URL
b) button
c) rollover
d) template

What are links that are used to navigate between the pages of one site called?
a) external link
b) internal link
c) function link
d) template link

What is an image that is switched out with another image when a cursor is moved across it called?
a) URL
b) template
c) rollover
d) value

What is the address of the site to which you want to link called?
a) template
b) URL
c) form
d) value

What are colors that are consistent on all computer monitors across all browsers called?
a) web-safe colors
b) absolute colors
c) validated colors
d) network colors

What are small symbolic graphics called?
a) URL
b) icons
c) values
d) labels

What is space to the top and bottom of an image called?
a) horizontal white space
b) vertical white space
c) web-safe white space
d) template white space

What is the dialog box that allows the properties of an entire page to be set called?
a) URL properties box
b) address properties box
c) value properties box
d) page properties

What is a form element on which a user can click to trigger an event called?
a) URL
b) button
c) white space
d) document window

A collection of code and content that is used throughout the site is called the
a) library
b) label
c) property
d) frameset

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