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Is every mixture a solution?
a) Yes
b) No

Which is these would separate a highly saturated solution from the extra material?
a) hand separation
b) filter
c) screen

The definition of a mixture:
a) The amount of material in a liquid.
b) When two or more different materials are mixed together equally.
c) When materials are put together

Which of the following tools could be used to separate a mixture of rocks and water?
a) filter
b) screen
c) evaporation

Which method would be best to separate Epsom salt from water?
a) hand separation
b) screening
c) evaporation

Two material are combined to form a chemical reaction. What are the materials called?
a) solution
b) reactants
c) product

The material that is left over from a chemical reaction is called:
a) mixture
b) saturation
c) precipitate

Angie knows a chemical reaction can cause gas, temperature change, and ______.
a) bubbles or fizz.
b) saturation.
c) concentration.

To measure the amount of material it take to saturate a liquid, we used _____ in class.
a) a funnel
b) a syringe
c) a balance

Which material is more soluble?
a) citric acid
b) Epsom salt
c) baking soda

Epsom salt and water are mixed. The water is evaporated. What will you see?
a) crystals
b) a solution
c) concentration

Two examples of reactants are:
a) Epsom salt and citric acid
b) calcium chloride and baking soda
c) ketchup and mustard

An example of a mixture would be:
a) Lucky Charms and milk
b) Chex-mix
c) Pizza
d) all of the above

Which solution is more concentrated?
a) Kool-aid: 500 mL water and 3 scoops
b) lemonade: 500 mL water and 4 scoops
c) iced tea: 1000 mL water and 7 scoops

A saturated solution is formed when:
a) the material changes color.
b) the liquid becomes cloudy.
c) no more material will dissolve.

The definition of a solution is:
a) when a solid material dissolves in a liquid.
b) when no more material can dissolve in a liquid.
c) When a chemical reaction happens.

How do you know a solution has become saturated?
a) bubble form
b) liquid becomes cloudy
c) no more material can dissolve
d) both b and c.

True or false: the concentration of a solution can be increase by adding more liquid and material.
a) True
b) False

How could you separate an Epsom salt solution containing rocks?
a) filter, screen, evaporate.
b) evaporate, screen, filter
c) screen, filter, evaporate

Which is not an example of a solution?
a) sugar and water
b) salt and water
c) orange juice

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