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Which development is most closely associated with the beginning of the Byzantine Empire?
a) emergence of the Russian Orthodox Church
b) division of the Roman Empire
c) building of the Hagia Sophia
d) fall of Constantinople

A major contribution of the Byzantine Empire was the
a) invention of the wheel and gunpowder
b) participation of citizens in government
c) diffusion of Hindu beliefs
d) preservation of Greek science and Roman engineering

The early Russian civilization adopted the Eastern Orthodox religion, the Cyrillic alphabet, and different styles of art and architecture through contact with
a) traders from China
b) conquering Mongol invaders
c) Vikings from northern Europe
d) missionairies from the Byzantine Empire

Constantinople was a thriving city in the 1200s mainly because of its location on a major trade route between
a) China and southern Africa
b) the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea
c) the Inca Empire and the Aztec Empire
d) Asia and eastern Europe

One of the major achievements of Byzantine Emperor Justinian was that he
a) established a direct trade route with Ghana
b) defended the empire against the spread of Islam
c) brought Roman Catholicism to his empire
d) preserved and transmitted Greek and Roman culture

Constantinople’s location on the Bosporus Strait was one reason that the Byzantine Empire was able to
a) conquer the Russian city of Moscow
b) spread Judaism throughout western Europe
c) control key trade routes between Europe and Asia
d) unite the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches

The Justinian Code is considered a milestone because it
a) preserved many ancient Chinese legal decrees in writing
b) served as a model for European legal systems
c) became the first democratic constitution
d) united Muslim and Roman thought

Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine Empire because
a) the pope had made it the capital of the Christian world
b) it was a religious center for Muslims
c) its location made it the crossroads of Europe and Asia
d) it was geographically isolated from surrounding Empires

The strategic location of the Byzantine Empire allowed control of the key trade routes between the
a) South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca
b) Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean
c) North Sea and the English Channel
d) Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

The early eastern European Slavic civilization at Kiev adopted the Eastern Orthodox religion, the Cyrillic alphabet, and certain styles of art and architecture as a result of
a) wars with Japan
b) conquests by Mongol invaders
c) visits to western European countries
d) trade with the Byzantine Empire

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