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The distance from the Earth to the Sun is
a) a light year
b) called a constellation
c) an astronomical unit
d) 9.5 trillion kilometers

The Milky Way is our
a) solar system
b) elliptical galaxy
c) spiral galaxy
d) irregular galaxy

This means that the sun is at the center of our solar system.
a) geocentric model
b) heliocentric model
c) nebular hypothesis
d) law of universal gravitation

The dominant theory about how the universe was created.
a) the heliocentric model
b) the geocentric model
c) the Big Bang
d) the nebular hypothesis

We measure the distance between stars using
a) astronomical units
b) light years
c) tape measures
d) kilometers

The Sun, the eight planets, the moons, and comets that orbit our Sun make up
a) the universe
b) the solar system
c) the galaxy
d) the Milky Way

A spiral galaxy
a) has arms that swirl around a bulging center filled with middle aged stars
b) is oval shaped like an egg and is filled with older stars
c) has no real shape and has mostly young stars
d) is our sun and its nine planets

The study of space and all the objects in it is
a) astronomy
b) geology
c) the universe
d) Space

Which object is the largest?
a) Earth
b) the Sun
c) the Milky Way Galaxy
d) a star

A light year is a unit of
a) time
b) volume
c) Distance
d) speed

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