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Powers of the federal gov't specifically listed in the Constitution
a) expressed powers
b) reserved powers
c) inherent powers
d) implied powers

Powers given to state governments by the U.S. Constitution
a) expressed powers
b) inherent powers
c) implied powers
d) reserved powers

Powers not specifically listed, but necessary to carry out expressed powers
a) inherent powers
b) implied powers
c) reserved powers
d) expressed powers

Powers prohibited to the federal and state governments
a) reserved powers
b) implied powers
c) denied powers
d) inherent powers

Example of a federal power
a) make education laws
b) make marriage laws
c) make driving laws
d) declare war

Example of a state power
a) make education laws
b) tax exports
c) grant titles of nobility
d) regulate interstate trade

Name of the state legislative branch
a) General Assembly
b) Congress
c) Supreme Court
d) President

Head of the state executive branch
a) President
b) governor
c) chief justice
d) senator

Elected during midterms
a) governor
b) President
c) all U.S. senators
d) Vice President

Won the IL governor's race
a) Pat Quinn
b) Bob Dold
c) Bruce Rauner
d) Brad Schneider

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