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Which is an application of biotechnology in agriscience?
a) Genetic engineering.
b) Planting seed.
c) Stem cuttings.
d) Selective breeding.

In order for a new biotechnology product to be approved, the product must:
a) Be worth at least $1 million.
b) Be able to kill insects.
c) Be tested to make sure that it is safe.
d) Be affordable to the average consumer.

DNA is in the shape of a:
a) Single helix.
b) Single circle.
c) Double circle.
d) Double helix.

By matching DNA scientist can:
a) Identify parents or offspring.
b) Eliminate the use of scientific methods
c) Create a super specimen.
d) Avoid the use of genetic engineering

In agriscience as well as other sciences, the method used to solve a problem is called the:
a) Process of elimination.
b) Scientific method.
c) Most popular decision technique.
d) Educated guess method.

Coded material in a cell that determines what that cell and its successive cells will become is known as:
a) DNA.
b) RNA
c) Chromosomes.
d) Thymine.

Genetically modified organisms that are safety tested in laboratories and greenhouses before they are tested outdoors are also monitored by:
a) Nursery operators
b) County government.
c) State and Federal government.
d) Chemical salespeople.

Landscape architects are a part of the horticulture industry because they:
a) Design landscapes
b) Plant landscapes
c) Shoe horses.
d) Treat animals for disease.

An example of a plant science career that belongs in any of the plant science areas is:
a) forage manager
b) produce manager.
c) entomologist.
d) florist

Which career is involved with plants grown around the home for aesthetic purposes?
a) Floral designer
b) Forester
c) Wholesale florist
d) Landscaper

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