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Reproduction Survival, Defense.[print questions]

In order for germination to take place, the environment surrounding the seed needs___
a) carbon dioxide, water, and warm temperatures
b) carbon dioxide, water, and cool temperatures
c) oxygen, water, and warm temperatures
d) oxygen, water, and cool temperatures

____ is the male reproductive part of the flower/ ____female reproductive part of the flower
a) pistil, stamen
b) anther, filament
c) stamen, pistil
d) anther, ovule

What are three examples of nonvascular plants?
a) pine tree, moss, ferns
b) moss, tulips, liverworts
c) moss, liverworts, hornworts
d) liverworts, hornworts, pine tree

A plant's roots grow into the ground. What is this an example of?
a) phototropism
b) gravitropism
c) thigmotropism
d) hydrotropism

Xylem and phloem are parts of what plant structure
a) leaves
b) stem
c) roots
d) seeds

Which of the following is an example of asexual reproduction?
a) A yeast budding
b) A marigolod seed being pollinated
c) A female cone being pollinated by a male cone.
d) a male and female parent producing an offspring

Which of the following best describes photosynthesis?
a) plants use water and sugar to make carbon dioxide
b) plants use protein and carbon dioxide to make oxygen
c) plants use water and carbon dioxide to make oxygen and sugar
d) plants use water and oxygen to make sugar and carbon dioxide

A plant's leaves turn toward light when they grow. What is this an example of?
a) Response to touch
b) gravitropism
c) response to water
d) phototropism

How do nonvascular plants transport nutrients?
a) through the xylem and the phloem
b) through a tube-like structure inside the stem
c) through a tube-like structure connected cell to cell
d) through the leaves of the plants

What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph?
a) An autotroph cannot make its own food
b) An autotroph can make its own food
c) A heterotroph makes its own food
d) A heterotroph and an autotroph both make their own food

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