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What is a synonym for large?
a) vast
b) enormous
c) huge
d) all of the above

A rats nest in your garage is an example of an __________?
a) roamed
b) cute pet
c) infestation
d) quicksand

Quicksand is __________________?
a) a large open grassy area.
b) something that is made up in the movies.
c) a loosely packed sand that heavy things can sink into.
d) something that only occurs at the beach.

When a portion of a hill or mountain breaks away and falls downward, this is called a _______________?
a) tidelwave
b) landslide
c) tornado
d) earthquake

The boy showed his ______________ to trying new things by refusing to eat dinner.
a) acceptance
b) willingness
c) anger
d) resistance

The wild horses ____________ freely in the vast valley.
a) resisted
b) infested
c) roamed
d) rodeo

The old chair was _____________, and I thought it might break if I sat in it.
a) rickety
b) comfortable
c) dusty
d) painted

Ambition means to _______________.
a) have dreams and hopes.
b) wonder through life without purpose.
c) have goals and work towards achieving them.
d) blame others for you lack of success.

The basketball team won their game by a ________________________.
a) vistory
b) goal
c) touchdown
d) landslide

Antonyms for resistance are:
a) acceptance
b) eager to embrace change
c) happy to comply
d) all of the above

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