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Which plant growing media is a mineral mica- type material?
a) Peat moss
b) Perlite
c) Soil
d) Vermiculite

The major types of root systems are:
a) Fibrous and root cap.
b) Fibrous and taproot.
c) Cuttings and root hairs.
d) Cell division and fibrous.

The BEST tool to use when pruning small limbs to shape shrubbery is the:
a) Pruning shears
b) Pruning saw.
c) Pole pruner
d) Floral scissors

What is the BEST tool to cut large branches when pruning shrubs that are hard to reach?
a) Chainsaw
b) Hedge shears
c) Lopping shears
d) Bush axe

The BEST tool to use when preparing a plant to be joined to another plant asexually is/are:
a) A tube cutter.
b) A grafting tool.
c) Lopping shears.
d) Pruning shears.

The BEST tool to use when shaping shrubbery into a continuous row for screening is the:
a) Chainsaw.
b) Hedge shears.
c) Lopping shears.
d) Pruning shears.

Which is a horticulture related career?
a) Broiler producer
b) Forest ranger
c) Timber cruiser
d) Wholesale florist

Which career relates to plant science?
a) Greenskeeper
b) Farrier
c) Logging foreman
d) Veterninarian

Which career supplies flowering plants to a florist?
a) Landscape architect
b) Forest ranger
c) Greenhouse manager
d) Floral designer

Organic fertilizers made from dried and pulverized manure are:
a) Slow acting and long lasting.
b) In soluble form and quickly available to plants.
c) Caustic to plants and can cause injury
d) Balanced sources of plant nutrients.

Propagation is defined as:
a) The union of an egg and sperm.
b) The process of increasing the number of a species.
c) A cheaper method of propagation than with seeds
d) The only way to propagate some species and cultivars.

What type of fertilizer is animal manure?
a) Organic
b) Lime
c) Inorganic
d) Complete

The three primary nutrients supplied in a complete fertilizer are
a) Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
b) Calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.
c) Carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur.
d) Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

The primary function of the stem is:
a) To anchor the plant.
b) To produce fruit
c) To support other plant structures
d) To produce flowers.

Jan discovered that plants requiring high light intensity can not be grown well under greenhouse tables b/c
a) Plants root in the ground instead of in their pots.
b) Low light intensity hinders food making process of photosynthesis
c) High light levels damage foliage and cause leaf burn.
d) Plants get too much water from dripping plants

Photosynthesis may be affected in enclosed conditions such as a greenhouse because of:
a) Extremely cold temperatures.
b) A shortage of food.
c) A shortage of carbon dioxide.
d) Too much chlorophyll in the plant.

What form must most nutrients become before they can be absorbed by a plant?
a) Gas
b) Liquid
c) Solid
d) Air

If a soil pH level is 6.0 and needs to be raised to 7.0, what amendment is BEST incorporated into the soil?
a) Magnesium
b) Lime
c) Sodium
d) Sulfur

Tissue culture may be used for:
a) Cloning
b) Disinfecting.
c) Sexual reproduction.
d) Sterilization.

The propagation method where a plant is separated into smaller parts is:
a) Air layering.
b) Tip layering.
c) Grafting.
d) Division.

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