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All of the following are types of Fungi except:
a) Agarics
b) Puffballs
c) Polypores
d) Conifer

Which of the following descriptions best describes fungi?
a) Single celled organisms that produce their own food through photsynthesis
b) Decomposers and Recyclers
c) Flowering plants that produce fruit
d) None of the answers work

A Christmas tree is what type of plant?
a) Flowering Plant
b) Conifer
c) Moss
d) Fern

Which type of plant has the most variety? (Hint: They are pretty and smell nice)
a) Flowering plant
b) Conifer
c) Fern
d) Moss

Another name for Angiosperms is _________.
a) Conifers
b) Mosses
c) Flowering Plants
d) Ferns

Mosses use _______ to attach to surfaces and gather water.
a) Rhizoids
b) Rhizomes
c) Chloroplasts
d) Sticky thingy's

Which of the following is not a vascular plant?
a) Mosses
b) Ferns
c) Conifers
d) Flowering Plants

How do flowering plants protect their seeds?
a) Put them in cones
b) Use Rhizomes
c) Surround seeds with flowers and fruits
d) They don't produce any

A seedless vascular plant that has a rhizome is called a what?
a) Moss
b) Conifer
c) Fern
d) Flowering Plant

Conifers are also called __________.
a) Gymnosperms
b) Angiosperms
c) Flowering Plants
d) Ferns

The underground stem from which new leaves and roots grow is called a what?
a) Chloroplast
b) Rhizome
c) Moss
d) Chlorophyll

All of the following are characteristics of mosses except:
a) Nonvascular
b) Can grown in harsh environmnets
c) Grow on moist soil or rocks
d) Angiosperms

A plant that uses vein like tissues to carry water and nutrients through out the plant is called a __________ plant.
a) Vascular
b) Nonvascular
c) Arthritic
d) Rhizome

True or False: Fungi can produce their own food.
a) True
b) False

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