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These are the largest and brightest stars
a) Supergiants
b) Neutron stars
c) Giants
d) Supernovas

It is a hot ball of glowing gases
a) universe
b) galaxy
c) star
d) planets

Which science includes the study of stars?
a) geology
b) astronomy
c) meteorology
d) hydrology

Our sun is a ________ star.
a) main sequence
b) giant
c) white dwarf
d) neutron

A group of stars that form a pattern is called a(n) __________.
a) open star cluster
b) constellation
c) galaxy
d) globular star cluster

In the 1920s, ________ showed that other galaxies exist besides our own.
a) Edwin Hubble
b) Don Winget
c) Snoopy
d) Janet Parkerson

The measurement of a star's apparent movement over time is known as ______.
a) variableness
b) magnitude
c) redshift
d) parallax

What is the best unit of measurement to describe the distance of stars from Earth?
a) light-year
b) year
c) kilometer
d) meter

Which of these options is a star?
a) Moon
b) Jupiter
c) Sun
d) Mars

What is the temperature of a star with a blue color?
a) cool
b) hot
c) medium for a star
d) the same as the Sun

A star is actually born when ____________.
a) nuclear fusion ends
b) nuclear fusion begins
c) on Mrs. Parkerson's birthday
d) nuclear fisson begins

The chemical makeup of the Sun is
a) hydrogen and oxygen
b) oxygen and helium
c) hydrogen, helium, and sulfate
d) hydrogen and helium

The brightness of a star with a blue color?
a) parallax
b) magnitude
c) redshift
d) variableness

A _____ is a large group of stars held together by gravity
a) constellation
b) galaxy
c) supergiant
d) star cluster

Why do galaxies appear to move away from each other?
a) the universe is expanding
b) stars still are being born
c) galaxies are spinning
d) other move closer together

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