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One of the advantages of direct-mail advertising is that the advertiser can
a) focus on mass marketing techniques.
b) compete with other advertisers.
c) aim the message to specific customers.
d) avoid complying with postal regulations.

When developing a direct mail offer for sport/event products, it is important that the mailing piece be
a) designed to attract attention.
b) addressed in an impersonal way.
c) sent to everyone in the area.
d) printed on expensive paper.

When writing direct-mail advertising letters, the account executive responsible for promoting a team in the National Hockey League should
a) recognize that the results of the direct-mail effort cannot be measured.
b) write copy that will appeal to a mass audience
c) attempt to depersonalize the message
d) develop copy that is in more detail than that in print advertisements

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using direct-mail letters as a form of promotion:
a) The advertiser cannot be selective about who receives the letters.
b) Many people think of the letters as junk mail to be discarded without opening.
c) The advertiser is limited to the type of letter formats that are available.
d) People usually expect the letters to arrive at specific times.

When an advertising agency develops content for a client's web site, the writer should format the text so it is easy for the web site's visitors to
a) identify the tagline.
b) translate features into benefits
c) order desired goods.
d) locate relevant information.

What is the most ineffective way to address a piece of direct mail?
a) To the title of the recipient
b) To the recipient by name and title
c) To the recipient by name
d) To the company

When writing information to post on web sites, Internet businesses should
a) use jargon and bulleted points to emphasize important content.
b) boost content appeal and interest with quips, stories, and humor.
c) break the text into short, manageable sections with many headlines.
d) consolidate information by constructing long, descriptive sentences.

One advantage of writing direct-mail letters that include coupons or reply cards is that the result of the advertising effort is
a) inexpensive.
b) traditional
c) measurable
d) competitive

Why is it important for internet businesses to write content for their web-site home pages that is interesting as well as concise?
a) Message is complex.
b) Space is limited
c) Access is restricted.
d) Design is simple.

It takes six people six days to dig six holes, how many days does it take one person to dig 1/2 a hole?
a) one day to dig 1/2 a hole
b) half a day since it is only half a hole
c) here is no such thing as half a hole
d) one person couldn't do this by themself

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