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A business places a matrix on a promotional sign that potential customers can scan with their smartphones. After scanning the matrix, potential customers have digital coupons in their smartphones, which they use to obtain discounted products
a) cable-network tags
b) reverse-messaging features.
c) quick-response codes
d) reciept-verification applications

Which of the following is an example of online advertising:
a) Sponsoring a web site
b) Giving away gifts
c) Hosting chat rooms
d) Providing information

Sport/event industries often use the electronic media to
a) conduct worldwide research.
b) motivate customers to buy
c) attract advertising support.
d) encourage athletes to participate

Which of the following best enables marketers to target specific groups of customers so that the marketers can focus their promotional efforts to get the best results:
a) Advertising
b) sales promotion
c) Direct marketing
d) publicity

Which of the following is most likely to be visible to search engine spiders:
a) Flash files
b) java applets
c) HTML text
d) image

Which of the following statements regarding direct-mail marketing campaigns is true
a) They are easy to track.
b) They should include a call to action.
c) They should contain detailed data.
d) They are highly cost-efficient.

Which of the following is an effective design technique that adds a personal touch to a direct-mail piece?
a) Using a font that looks like handwriting in the envelope's address section
b) Placing the return address at the bottom of the envelope
c) Stamping Open Now in neon pink on the back of the envelope
d) Addressing the recipient as “Current Resident” on the mailing label

Currently, which of the following mobile advertising strategies has been most successful
a) Rich media
b) Cross-platform campaign
c) Text message with coupon
d) Banner ad campaign

Which of the following types of sport/event businesses would be most likely to place a banner advertisement on a ski resort's web site:
a) shoe manufacturer
b) Rock-climbing boot retailer
c) Cross-training equipment distributor
d) snowboard retailer

How does a professional sports team earn revenue when it permits games to appear on television?
a) Selling broadcast rights
b) Endorsing celebrities
c) Participating in merchandising programs.
d) Sponsoring charitable events

To attract fans to their web sites, professional sport organizations, media outlets, and entrepreneurs offer online simulations that allow fans to build their own sport teams and compete against other fans' sport teams. This growing industry is refer
a) game works
b) fantasy sports.
c) online exchange
d) data interchange

Which of the following is a characteristic of most online banner advertisements
a) Interactive
b) Selective
c) Restrictive
d) Productive

A tire producer is most likely to advertise its products on a website that interests
a) fitness trainers
b) auto racing enthusiasts.
c) tennis fans
d) marathon runners.

To generate excitement about its newly remodeled facilities, Wilmer's Hotel plans to send advertising messages to past guests via their cell phones. Each message will contain a brief video showcasing new features and services that the hotel offers.
a) Complex messaging services (CMS)
b) Short messaging services (SMS)
c) Digitized messaging services (DMS)
d) Multimedia messaging services (MMS)

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