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Water is constantly returning to the atmosphere from Earth's surface. Where on Earth does most evaporation take place?
a) soil
b) oceans
c) mountain ice
d) lakes and rivers

Over long periods of time, the climate of an area can change. Which of these can cause a change in climate?
a) Earth’s position along its orbit
b) a long-term increase in temperature
c) tides caused by the moon
d) heating and cooling of a body of water

The people of a city rely on runoff flowing into a lake to meet their water needs. They are concerned that there is less water in the lake this year than in the previous year. How can they collect data to test if their concerns?
a) measure the lake’s water density
b) compare the lake’s current water level to its previous year level
c) measure the air temperature to find out how fast the water is evaporating
d) compare this and last year’s average water usage

Evan watches the weather report on the news. The announcer states that an air mass formed over a tropical ocean is moving into the area where Evan lives. Which type of weather can Evan expect?
a) cold and dry
b) warm and wet
c) warm and dry
d) cold and wet

What climate zone is Miami located, based on steady temperatures, from January to December, that range between 20 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius?
a) polar
b) subpolar
c) temperate
d) tropical

Which symbol indicates a warm front?
a) An illustration of a snowflake
b) A circle with two curved arms spiraling outward from its top and bottom
c) A diagonal line slanting up to the right, with a series of half circles lying on the top side of the line
d) A large letter 'H.'

A warm air mass meets and rises above a cold air mass. What kind of weather is most likely to occur?
a) a lightning storm
b) steady rain or snow
c) a thunderstorm
d) a wind storm

The following are descriptions of diagrams showing the formations of air masses over different areas. Which air mass contains warm, moist air?
a) A diagram of an air mass forming over an ocean, with curved arrows pointing toward the land.
b) A diagram of an air mass forming over land, with curved arrows pointing downward and to the right.
c) Diagram of an air mass forming over the tropics, with arrows curving downward and to the left.
d) Diagram of an air mass forming over the North Pole, with arrows curving downward and to the left.

Clouds are categorized by their shape and their elevation. Which list shows cloud type in order from lowest to highest in the sky?
a) cirrus, altocumulus, stratus
b) cirrus, stratus, altocumulus
c) stratus, altocumulus, cirrus
d) stratus, cirrus, altocumulus

Why do some balls of hail have layers?
a) Water that freezes high in the atmosphere always forms layers.
b) Raindrops freeze from the inside out, forming one layer of ice at a time.
c) Cracks form layers in the ball of hail when the hail hits the ground.
d) Each time a ball of hail goes up and down within a thundercloud, a layer of ice is added.

Which of these tools does a meteorologist use to describe the weather?
a) a tire gauge and tire
b) a centimeter ruler
c) a triple beam balance
d) an anemometer

Which pair of processes helps recharge aquifers?
a) rain falling on oceans and on land
b) glaciers breaking off and melting
c) snow and rain falling on land
d) melting glaciers and sea level rise

How does weather differ from climate?
a) Weather: state of atmosphere at a given time and place, climate: weather conditions in an area over a longer period of time
b) Weather is atmospheric conditions in an area over a long period of time, and climate is the state of the atmosphere
c) Weather describes cloud cover and temperature at a given time and place, and climate describes precipitation and humidity.
d) Weather describes precipitation and humidity at a given time and place, and climate describes cloud cover and temperature

Allan observes the weather one afternoon. He concludes that thunderstorms are likely. Which observation best supports his conclusion?
a) There is a light wind.
b) The temperature is 23 ºC (75 ºF).
c) The winds are blowing from the east.
d) The clouds are mainly cumulonimbus.

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