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Define work.
a) when an object moves in the direction a force is applied
b) when a force is applied to an object
c) when an object moves
d) when energy is used

What are the six simple machines
a) Lever, axe, pully, wheel, scissors, hammer
b) lever, pulley, wheel and axle, wedge, inclined plane, screw
c) 1st class lever, 2nd class lever, 3rd class lever, wedge, screw
d) block and tackle, fixed pulley, movable pulley. lever, screw

What unit is work measured in?
a) Watt
b) Power
c) Newton
d) Joule

a machine made up of more than one simple machine is called?
a) a complex machine
b) a composed machine
c) a compound machine
d) a convex machine

How many classes of levers are there?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

An inclined plane decreases effort force by increasing what?
a) time
b) input force
c) output force
d) distance

Which of the following simple machines is composed of two inclined planes?
a) pulley
b) inclined plane
c) wedge
d) screw

An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder is called?
a) Lever
b) Screw
c) Wedge
d) Pulley

Which pulley has a greater mechanical advantage
a) One with many rope segments
b) A moveable pulley
c) One that has a short rope segment
d) Pulleys do not have a mechanical advantage

Define mechanical advantage.
a) A number that tells you how difficult it is to control a machine.
b) A number that tells you how much more difficult a machine will make your work
c) A number that tells you how much easier a machine will make your work
d) A number that tells you how many moving parts a machine has

Which simple machine is composed of circular parts that rotate on a rod or axis.
a) Pulley
b) Wheel and Axle
c) Screw
d) Lever

The center pivot point of a lever is called?
a) Wedge
b) Center
c) Pivoter
d) Fulcrum

In a first class lever..
a) The fulcrum is in the middle
b) The load is in the middle
c) The effort force is in the middle
d) The input force is in the middle

An example of a 2nd class lever is....
a) An axe
b) A golf club
c) A seesaw
d) A wheelbarrow

A baseball bat is an example of what type of lever?
a) 1st class
b) 2nd class
c) 3rd class
d) Simple

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