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In Israel, citizens:
a) Elect their President
b) Elect their King
c) Elect members of the Knesset
d) Do not vote

In Iran, the citizens:
a) Elect the Prime Minister
b) Elect the President
c) Elect the Shah
d) Elect the Ayatollah

The Prime Minister and Cabinet of Israel are:
a) Inside and part of the Knesset
b) Separate from the Knesset
c) The Judicial Branch of the Israeli government
d) Made up of Israeli citizens from outside the Knesset.

In Saudi Arabia, citizens...
a) Elect their King
b) Elect members of the Legislature
c) Do not vote
d) Elect the King's advisors

The leader in Saudi Arabia is chosen how?
a) By popular vote
b) Appointed by Legislature
c) Born into power
d) Appointed by Assembly of Experts

The head of government for Iran is:
a) Prime Minister
b) President
c) King
d) Ayatollah

The head of government for Israel is:
a) Prime Minister
b) President
c) King
d) Ayatollah

The role of the citizen in Iran is:
a) Autocracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Democracy
d) Presidential

The role of the citizen for Israel is:
a) Democracy
b) Autocracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Parliamentary

The form of Leadership for Saudi Arabia is:
a) Prime Minister
b) King
c) President
d) Sultan

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