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The mantle is composed mainly of minerals that are rich in which elements?
a) iron and magnesium
b) iron and nickel
c) oxygen and hydrogen
d) oxygen and silicon

Which layer of Earth's interior is liquid?
a) lithosphere
b) mesosphere
c) outer core
d) inner core

What is the thickness of continental crust?
a) 5–10 km
b) 30–100 km
c) 100–1000 km
d) 1000–2900 km

Where is the mesophere located inside Earth?
a) the upper mantle
b) the lower mantle
c) the outer core
d) the inner core

Which term best describes the composition of Earth's core?
a) conglomerate
b) diamond
c) rocky
d) metallic

Earth's mantle includes which structural layers?
a) asthenosphere and outer core
b) part of the crust and all of the mantle
c) mesosphere, outer core, and inner core
d) asthenosphere, mesosphere, and part of the lithosphere

Which of the following best describes the makeup of the lithosphere?
a) continental crust only
b) continental crust and oceanic crust only
c) continental crust, oceanic crust, and the uppermost part of the mantle
d) continental crust, oceanic crust, and all of the mantle

What are the most common elements in Earth's core?
a) iron and magnesium
b) iron and nickel
c) magnesium and oxygen
d) silicon and oxygen

Which statement best describes Earth's core?
a) The entire core is solid.
b) The outer core is liquid and the inner core is solid.
c) The outer core is solid and the inner core is liquid.
d) The outer core is partly molten and the inner core is fully molten.

Which is the outermost compositional layer of Earth?
a) asthenosphere
b) crust
c) mantle
d) outer core

Which is the correct order of Earth's structural layers, from top to bottom?
a) asthenosphere, mesosphere, lithosphere, outer core, inner core
b) lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, inner core
c) outer core, inner core, mesosphere, asthenosphere, lithosphere
d) outer core, inner core, lithosphere, mesophere, asthenosphere

How does the composition of oceanic crust differ from continental crust?
a) Continental crust is less dense than oceanic crust.
b) Continental crust contains a greater percentage of minerals than oceanic crust.
c) Continental crust has a higher iron content than oceanic crust.
d) Continental crust has a higher magnesium content than oceanic crust.

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