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Rome's central location allowed for easy access to trade
a) True
b) False

War fought between Rome and Carthage
a) Crusades
b) Civil War
c) Trojan War
d) Punic Wars

Who was Cincinnatus compared to
a) George Washington
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Barack Obama
d) Thomas Jefferson

Mountain Range to the north of Rome
a) Apeninnes
b) Appalacians
c) Himalayans
d) Alps

Idea that citizens have a responsibility to their country
a) Responsibility
b) Role
c) Civic Duty
d) Civil Obligation

What were Rome's Laws written on
a) 13 Tablets
b) 12 Tablets
c) Paper

He became dictator of Rome during a time of crisis
a) Octavian
b) Cincinnatus
c) Scipio
d) Nero

Which of the following did we borrow from Roman Law
a) Innocent until proven guilty
b) The idea of justice
c) Cannot be accused annonymously
d) All of the above

Leader of the Carthaginian Army during 2nd Punic War
a) Hannibal
b) Hamilcar
c) Scipio
d) Augustus

Legend about the founding of Rome
a) Romulus and Remus
b) The Aeniad
c) Both of the above
d) Neither of the above

3 branches of government in Rome
a) Consuls, Congress, Senate
b) Centuriate Assebly, Tribunes, Senate
c) Consuls, Assembly, Senate
d) President, Assembly, Senate

This group was in charge of protecting the rights of the Plebeians
a) Senate
b) Tribunes
c) Counsuls
d) Centuriate Assembly

City destroyed by a Volcanic Eruption
a) Pompeii
b) Rome
c) Carthage
d) Alexandria

He was the Roman General during the 2nd Punic War
a) Hannibal
b) Hamilcar
c) Scipio
d) Octavian

Lower class in Roman Society
a) Patrician
b) Plebeian

Which group in Roman Republic had veto power
a) Consuls
b) Senate
c) Assembly
d) Tribunes

System that makes sure no group in government has too much power
a) Veto
b) Civic Duty
c) Checks and Balances
d) Triumvirate

Type of Representative Government Rome had early on
a) Democracy
b) Republic
c) Monarchy
d) Oligarchy

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