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Which word best describes Ichabod's adversary.
a) ugly
b) smart
c) strong
d) weak

In reality, what happens to Ichabod?
a) He moves to New York and becomes a lawyer.
b) He moves to Virginia and goes back to teaching.
c) He stays in Sleepy Hollow and becomes Brom's gardener.
d) He goes to Washington to realize his dream as a singer.

What does the legend say Ichabod is left doing at the end of the story?
a) He haunts Katrina for the rest of her life.
b) He haunts Brom for the rest of his life.
c) He haunts the schoolhouse he used to teach in.
d) He haunts the church the Headless Horseman would never pass.

Who is Ichabod's main adversary in his quest for what he wants?
a) John Van Tassel
b) Hans Van Ripper
c) Jack the Ripper
d) Brom Bones

What does Ichabod want in the story?
a) Selena and her farm
b) Katrina and her wealth
c) Selena's mother and her farm
d) Katrina's mother and her wealth

In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, how did the Headless Horseman lose his head?
a) a sword
b) a gun
c) a cannonball
d) a tree

What is Ichabod's philosophy on teaching?
a) Every child starts out with an A.
b) Children are meant to be seen and not heard.
c) Every child starts out with an F.
d) Spare the rod; spoil the child.

What is the lesson to be taken away from this story?
a) Money is not important because, you can't take it with you.
b) Don't make deals with the devil.
c) You have to beat the devil at his own game.
d) Treat your wife well, or she will win in the end.

Why does Tom go looking for his wife when she goes missing?
a) He wants his dinner.
b) He is worried about her safety.
c) He is worriedabout the valuables she took with her.
d) She has his briefcase with her.

What does Tom say when the devil shows up for his soul?
a) Damn the devil. He doesn't exist!
b) He won't take me, I'm his userer!
c) The devil come for me if I have made a farthing!
d) Come and get me!

What happens to all of Tom's posessions after the devil takes his soul?
a) They get swept up in a whirlwind.
b) They are reduced to ashes.
c) They are chained around his neck.
d) They are given away to the poor people in town.

What proved to Tom that the devil was for real?
a) the devil's pitchfork
b) Tom's missing appearance in the mirror
c) the devil's footprint
d) the devil's fingerprint

After selling his soul to the Devil, on what is Tom's name recorded?
a) a tree
b) a rock
c) a wall
d) the devil's book

What does Tom use as protection in his old age?
a) a hammer
b) a gun
c) a bible
d) a book of spells

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