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What was the name of the Creek chief who lost land in the Oconee War and signed the Treaty of New York?
a) Alexander McGillivray
b) William McIntosh
c) John Ross
d) John Marshall

What was the name of the Creek chief whosold the last of the Creek land in Georgia with the Treaty of Indian Springs and was murdered?
a) William McIntosh
b) Alexander McGillivray
c) John Ross
d) John Marshall

What was the Supreme Court's ruling in Worcester v. Georgia?
a) That Cherokee land was not subject to state law.
b) That Georgia had the final say-so determining Cherokee land.
c) That Creek land was to be given back to the Creek and the Treaty of New York was invalid
d) That the Cherokee were not citizens and could not sue.

Who was the Cherokee man who developed the syllabary, or alphabet?
a) Sequoyah (George Gist)
b) John Ross
c) John Marshall
d) Alexander McGillivray

Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who ruled in Worcester v. Georgia?
a) John Marshall
b) John Ross
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Sequoyah (George Gist)

What event in Georgia led to the Cherokee being removed from their land?
a) The Dahlonega Gold Rush
b) The invention of the cotton gin
c) The spread of Baptist and Methodist Churches
d) The establishment of the University of Georgia

Who was the chief of the Cherokee who tried to help his people keep their land?
a) John Ross
b) John Marshall
c) Samuel Worcester
d) William McIntosh

Which president refused to honor Worcester v. Georgia and signed the Indian Removal Act?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Martin Van Buren
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) John Marshall

What was the name of the forced removal of the Cherokee from Georgia?
a) The Trail of Tears
b) The Trail of Sorrow
c) The Journey of Sadness
d) The Journey of Sorrow

How did the Cherokee try to keep their land and resist removal from Georgia?
a) All of the answers are correct.
b) By establishing a capital, a government, and a written language.
c) By using the legal process.
d) By having their chief appeal to Congress for help.

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